I have no idea what I'm doing, and I probably never will.

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Yesterday, we hopped into the Justice store at The Avenue Peachtree City. Have y”all been there? It”s a store exclusively for girls, and while I almost want to call it a gateway to Victoria”s Secret, it really isn”t THAT bad, and for my peace-sign loving Big Sister, it”s a store sent down from Heaven above. Only, everything in there is a gazillion dollars, and I didn”t really know that the first time I walked in there. You see, my sister-in-law had taken Big Sister to her first trip to Justice for some funky necklaces and notebooks, and I”d passed by the store enough to know that they ran 40% off sales quite regularly. What was the harm? Here lies Mistake #1.

Guess what? 40% off of a gazillion dollars is still a million dollars. Fact.

Anyway, MY first Justice experience was shortly after Christmas, and Big Sister had some money to spend (read: she had $100 and I thought it would be fun to let her splurge some.)  Mistake #2. She found some admittedly cute Atlanta Braves capri pants, and after I woke up from passing out at the $40 price tag, we went to check out. I felt better when we left, you see, because we were given “Justice Bucks” for $25 to be used in the following month. So….I felt like, ok, technically I”m getting more for my money.

Side note: Do y”all know how Kohls Cash works? I”m not well versed on the subject, but for every $50 you spent, you get $10 to be used at a later time. So if you find something that”s $10, you basically get it for free. I assumed this was the same way Justice Bucks worked. Mistake #3. My biggest mistake was not reading the fine print.

Yesterday we stopped back in with Little Brother snapped oh-so-tightly in his stroller to spend our Doesn”t-Work-Like-Kolhs-Cash Justice Bucks. After an hour  about 20 minutes of her carefully looking over everything in the store, I finally picked out a pair of blue jeans that online casino were on sale and would be right under $25. (Which is still a lot to me, because I shop consignment. ) We get to the cash register.

Do I want to give my email address?

Not really. No offense but I didn”t want to make shopping there a habit.

Oh! No email, no discount.

Ok, fine, take my damn email address.

I hand her the card and it”s then so nicely pointed out to me that it”s $25 OFF $50. NO FREE $25 FOR YOU!

Are you freaking kidding me?


So, we left the store without buying anything. Here are the things that sucked about the shopping trip:

1. I didn”t read the coupon. I felt stupid for not being able to make the purchase. (I could have, but by then I was so mad I just wanted to get out as quickly as I could.)

2. I had to explain to Big Sister why we weren”t going to buy something that day. She had been looking forward to it, and I felt like I let her down.

3. I was mad at myself for shopping there in the first place-I am not the mom who drops $40 on a pair of kids capris! (Oh, and the cute Atlanta Braves capris? They”ve been worn three times, and already have a hole in them. Lesson learned.)

I tell y”all this story to share my dirty little secret:

I have no idea what I”m doing. I”m making this motherhood thing up as I go.


A few months ago I noticed that some of my friends were asking me “Have your kids ever…? And, part of me gets it. After all, it takes a village, right? And out of my group of mama friends, I am one who has been a mama the longest. But I hope none of them think I have all the answers. Or that I know what I am doing. Or that my way is right. What I have learned in my 5.5 years of being a mama is that you have to do what”s right for your family.

Most parenting books say a 2.5 year old should be able to go to sleep on his own and stay in his bed all night. And, most parenting books are right. We did it that way with Big Sister. But guess what? My baby boy isn”t so little anymore. His nursing snuggles turned into “I”ll give you a hug when I”m not busy being a superhero” cuddles and they”ve almost, ALMOST, given way to only wanted to be snuggled at night. So my husband and I take turns lying down with him at night. It”s also equally about him not getting out of bed 100 times, amIright??

I feel most unsure, however, about my parenting skills with Big Sister. She”s the guinea pig. Most  of my assumptions of how she would turn out by now have been wrong. She doesn”t like princesses. Or barbies. She loves stuffed animals and science. She doesn”t seem to know what having a crush is (something I thought would have happened by now, only because a girl in her class told me that one of the boys had asked for her phone number on the first day of school), but she told me yesterday that her new last name just so happened to be the same as her best (boy) friend. I think it”s sweet, and cute, but I don”t know if that”s the right way to to feel about it. (Actually, I am declaring it is. At least this little boy is nice. Ha!)


If I had to guess, none of us really feel like we TRULY have it all together. Whether you”ve been a mom for 2 minutes or 20 years, there are probably always those instances that stump you, that knock you on your feet, and that make you feel like you were born yesterday. I bet there are things you do that the experts don”t think is “right.” My latest goof happened yesterday. When was your latest mommy BFF (Big Fat Fail)?

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  • Holly E. says:

    ohmagosh, I totally understand where you’re coming from on this! Sometimes, you just have to “act with confidence” when you wing it, and no one will know the difference. That’s what I do with my boys, although now that they’re older I think they’re on to me! LOL

  • Ashley says:

    This post totally fits me. I feel like I watch other moms who have it together all the time, and I’m just standing here with two kids like what the heck am I doing?!?! Thanks for the laughs and I totally agree that Justice and stores like it are a segue to VS.

  • Jamie says:

    Take a deep breath. Let it out. Relax! You’re doing FINE as a Mom. You have it figured out! “Do what is best for your own family!” BFF’s are a way of life for most Mom’s. Each “failure” is an opportunity to start over/try again. Bummer about the not-like-Kohl’s bucks. But, thanks for saving me a trip to Justice to check the store out!

  • Wendy says:

    Seems like just when I think I’m getting it all together is just when it all falls apart, haha!

  • ashley says:

    I live in ptc! love shopping over at the avenue.

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