I Feel Like a Mom

Sunday , 19, February 2012 Leave a comment

I’ll be honest, I did not feel like a mom when we brought Eli home 3 months ago.  In fact, I felt very lost.  The day he came home from the hospital, I remember my husband setting down his car seat and I thought ‘Now What’?  Then I walked around the house from room to room, not knowing what to do with myself.  Things were different because of the little package we brought home with us and I didn’t quite know what to do!

The first time I ventured out of the house by myself, I asked a friend to meet me at the grocery store. The thought of getting Eli out of the car, into the grocery store, and back out with a cart full of groceries was a little overwhelming.  What if there wasn’t a parking spot near the cart corral in the parking lot? Would the car seat fit in the cart safely?  What if he started crying while we were in the store? I needed her there for moral support if nothing else.

I had no idea what to do about a ‘schedule’.  Eli slept and ate a lot, but was I supposed to put him in his crib when he slept during the day?  I had heard that different cries meant different things…..but they all sounded the same to me.

Fast forward 3 months–

I read somewhere that it takes about 3 months to get into a routine after bringing home baby.  I would have to agree.   I am still learning what works best for us.  Some days are better than others, of course, but for the most part, we have a pretty good groove going.

Now, we venture out of the house on most days, and I don’t have to have anyone meet us at our destinations.  When Eli cries I know whether it means he is hungry or tired.  He takes a long nap in the morning, and a shorter one in the afternoon.  I can bathe him, dress him and feed him much more confidently than at first.  It is pretty amazing how much I have learned in the past 3 months.

The coolest part, though, is that I am not the only one who has learned something……When Eli looks at me he knows I am his Mom!


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