How to Swaddle a Baby

Thursday , 2, February 2012 2 Comments

Before our Princess was born we had a nurse come visit us a few times.  She is the one who taught us this swaddling method.  I have no idea what it is called!  It’s great because it helps hold baby’s arms still, but allows for leg movement.  We’ve used it with both of our children!

1. See that expression on his face?  “Hey!  What are you doing to me?  Why am I on the floor??”  Oh wait. I’m supposed to be teaching you swaddling.  So, start by putting baby down in the center of one side of the blanket.  You’ll please notice this is not a folded down corner.  Baby should be lined up with the side of the blanket

2. Place/hold arm down by body and…

3.  Take top left corner and wrap blanket over arm and top of body, tuck underneath baby’s  side.

4. Place/hold other arm down by body and…

5.  Take top right corner and wrap blanket over top of body, tuck underneath baby’s other side (You can’t see it very well in these pictures, but you’ve wrapped the top half of the blanket around baby’s body.  The bottom half is still essentially laid out on the floor.  This is important for next step!)

6.  Now you take the two bottom corners of the blanket and fold the blanket up over baby’s body toward chest.  (Rely on the picture for this one, I’m sure this sounds confusing!) Basically the bottom right corner should be folded up towards where the top right corner was before wrapping.  Left to left.

7.  Wrap (your) left side behind baby, all the way around.

8. Wrap the other side behind baby, tuck the last corner into the front

9.  You have a little baby burrito!

*As your baby gets older they will work their way out of their swaddle.  It’s like, a fact of life or something.  This does help our little one calm down.  Note this swaddle can be done with one arm free.  We often swaddle him with one arm out nowadays.  Instead of placing one arm by the side just lift it up out of the blanket.  Or across on chest, and they’ll get it out if they want it!

*Although hubby is above baby’s head in these pictures, this is better done from the other direction. Facing baby.  He’s just awesome like that and can do it upside down 😉

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