How To Go On Vacation With Friends…(and still be friends when you get home)

Wednesday , 17, September 2014 1 Comment

Vacation season is just about over but It is never too early to start planning for the next one so why not think about WHO you might want to go on vacation with.  But before the WHO let’s think about WHY you should go on vacation with friends.

vacation with friends

I can think of two really good reasons:

1.  It’s fun!  Duh.  I love being around a lot of people and since my family unit currently consists of me and three other people, having another family along increases the fun.

2.  It is cost effective.  Yay!  Sharing a condo/house is a great way to save some money.

Consider the following when deciding which friends would be a good fit for vacationing together.

1.  Do you like them…I mean, really like them?  Have you spent a considerable amount of time with these folks already?  Enough to know that you won’t get tired of them after 20 minutes?  If you can’t get through a bar b que without getting tired of your friends, they probably aren’t a good choice for a group vacay.  Note:  I think it is important that everyone knows each other pretty well.  Just because your bestie is awesome doesn’t mean your husband and her husband will become instant BFF’s.

2.  Do your children get along?  Aside from squabbles now and then, are your kids friendly enough, or at least indifferent towards each other?

3.  Are your vacation styles similar?  Are you ‘lay on the beach’ people, or ‘see all the sights’ people.  Are you night owls or early birds?  If you don’t want the same type of vacation, then you probably shouldn’t go on vacation together.

Now we know WHY we should go on vacation with friends and WHO we should go with…now HOW do you make sure you are still friends when you return home?

1.  Let someone be in charge:  Everyone can weigh in on major items like…where are we going/where should we stay,  but when it comes to making reservations one person should take the reins.

2.  Communicate:  Talk about what you expect the vacation to be like before you get there.  Obviously talking in person works great but you can also communicate via group e-mail or text message.  That helps keep everyone in the know and creates excitement about your upcoming vacation.  Discuss things like– Will you go out to eat every night, or cook at the beach house?  Will your children need to take naps?  Who is bringing the margaritas ;)?  Do you want to go to the beach every day, or are there other activities you would like to do…on that note…

3.  Don’t do EVERYTHING together: At least, you don’t HAVE to. If one family wants to go to a water park and the other family would rather go to the beach…go for it!  You don’t have to spend every minute together for a successful vacation.

4.  Go with the flow:  You can thoroughly plan your vacation and still have unexpected situations come up.  Especially if you have children along.  Adjust as necessary and enjoy!


Have you gone on vacation with friends?  What tips would you add to my list?


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  • Jamie says:

    Good guidelines! I’d add discuss splitting the work. One person should not get stuck doing all the laundry, cooking, etc!

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