How did you announce?

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How did you announce you were pregnant to your husband, family, and friends?


With the Goober, I took the test after my husband had left for work and I was so excited and disbelieving of the results that I drove to Target right after to pick up more pregnancy tests to take and a onesie and card to wrap up and give to my husband to tell him the good news. After confirming my pregnancy with several more tests (I don’t know why I needed to take several, but I did) I set up a video to play when my husband walked in the door from work and had the gift bag and card waiting for him. When we had been on our honeymoon we had turned on the television at our hotel to see the episode of I Love Lucy where Lucy tells Ricky she is pregnant and I loved how she did it so much that I told the hubster then and there that that was how I was going to tell him. Thankfully, over half a year later, YouTube made it possible with this clip.  Lucy is Enceinte (Start at 1:06)


However, we didn’t go over the top announcing our news to the family, we simply called everyone (meaning our parents and siblings) and told them over the phone after our 8 week appointment. We never ended up doing an official Facebook announcement either, just let our friends know organically as we saw or talked to them. We did post a picture of us holding a blue cupcake that let our friends know we were expecting a boy, but we didn’t have a sex reveal party or anything like that, though I think those can be quite cute when done right. It's a boy

Which leads me to my latest news, the PSMB family is going to be getting a bit bigger in January. The Goober is going to have a little brother or sister to celebrate the New Year with and we couldn’t be more excited. I can’t wait to share my journey with you, going from a family of three to four, but first I want to share how we announced this one and would of course love to hear your announcement stories in the comments.

We are having a baby (or maybe a gummi bear)

We are having a baby (or maybe a gummi bear)

This time was almost the exact opposite from the way we told with the Goober. Instead of telling my husband in a cute and clever way, I sort of just walked out of the bathroom with the test and asked him, a bit in shock, if he saw a line too. We knew we wanted our kids to be close in age and we were trying, but it was still a bit of a shock to learn our family was changing. This time we decide to enjoy the news and get used to the idea for a bit longer on our own than we did the first time so we waited until 12 weeks to tell our family. Twelve weeks happened to correspond pretty closely with Father’s Day so I went to our favorite local photographer, Tiffany Casey of Casey Photography, the week before and had pictures of the Goober taken in his daddy’s suit, which is one of our traditions as you know from this post. Then right before we left I had her take a couple more pictures of the Goober holding our ultrasound picture. It was actually pretty hard to get a good shot of the Goob and the picture, since he was in a throwing mood, so I will confess it took more than a little tape and a lot of various other distraction techniques. I may or may not have wished for another set of arms as well, something I’m sure I will wish for more than once in the coming years.The Goober and his Baby announcement


I made a little flipbook to go inside our Father’s Day card that showed different faces of the Goober, the last on being his “I’m going to be a big brother” face. I must of course credit Pinterest and this photo for the original idea, though the flipbook was my own spin on it. I got a great video of my mom and dad opening their card. However, our flipbook method didn’t work so well with my father-in-law’s card. He was out of town for Father’s Day, so when my mother-in-law said she was flying out to be with him for the weekend, we sent the card along with her. Maybe due to the pressure change or simply due to being packed away, the last page of the flipbook inside the card seemed like it was sealed to the card so they didn’t see the last page. Back home, we were a bit mystified why we hadn’t heard from them, so we called and realized they had missed the news. Unfortunately, at this point Nick’s mom had already left again for the airport so I guess part of our gift to my husband’s dad was getting to know something before his wife, which I think was a gift he might have enjoyed even more than the news itself (just kidding, they both were ecstatic when they finally both knew).


Here’s a quick how-to if you are looking to make your own announcement flipbook.


Step 1: Create your series of images, using Photoshop, Picmonkey or another photo editing site/program. I think I used Pizap to make mine.

New Baby Announcement

Step 2: Print your image on photo paper or cardstock, which will let you make nicer, crisper folds than regular paper. Cut out your image if needed.


Step 4: Lightly score each fold line with a bone folder and a ruler. Fold along your score lines and secure the back of your images into a flipbook.



You can stop here or your can continue to step 5, which is purely optional.


Step 5: Secure your flipbook onto your card and make sure all pages flip well and easily.

TaDa! A Baby Announcement Flip Book card!


So tell me, how did you make YOUR announcement?

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