HOMEWORK–A "Dirty Word" During the Summer!

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I know most kids, and parents too, would rather not think about doing homework during the summer!

Still, summer homework is almost a necessary evil. Many schools require summer reading, projects or papers. Regardless of whether or not summer homework is required by your child”s school, all children benefit from reading and reinforcing academic skills year round. It”s up to parents to help make learning fun instead of drudgery!

Everyday tasks, like measuring while baking, can reinforce math skills. Grocery shopping can teach colors, reading, counting, etc. “Family field trips” and hands on projects are great ways to sneak in extra summer learning! Rewards for completing summer assignments and computer games that don”t feel like “work” help sweeten summer homework for your kids.

For children who are a little behind grade level, or those with learning disabilities, there are unlimited websites that offer help. For children who need extra professional help, there are tutoring services, learning camps, and private tutors available.

Several learning websites, recommended by certified local teacher/tutor, casino online are: Khan Academy, a totally free learning site which allows parents/tutors to monitor a student”s progress; IXL: a math and language arts membership site that purports to be “practice that feels like play.” IXL is $9.95 per month, or $79 per year; and Flocabulary, whose multi-sensory approach of using hip-hop music, rhythm and rhyme is supposed to enhance learning in all subjects. Flocabulary is $10 per month or $90 per year.

A Google search also yielded these lists:

16 Free Math Websites from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Best Websites from Teaching & Learning 2013 from the American Association of School Librarians

Top Ten Reading Websites for Kids from Reading Sage

Hope these sites will give our Coweta Fayette Families some SUPER “SUMMER HOMEWORK”  IDEAS! HAVE A GREAT TIME LEARNING WITH YOUR KIDS! 

Please share YOUR family”s favorite learning websites, and what you like about them, in the comments! 

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