Home Organization: A Tale of Two Tools

Tuesday , 15, May 2012 3 Comments

In my very first guest post here at PSMB, I told you that I was addicted to my smartphone. Well, today, I have another confession:


I love making lists. And schedules. And pretending to be organized.

So, today, I”m going to show you 2 things that help me stay sane around here.

The first thing, of course, is our calendar.

I”ve tried to keep an online calendar but what really works for us is a hard copy. Here we write everything from hubby”s  work schedule to preschool events to playdates to our meal plan. I find that it”s easier to have everything in one place, although this month”s meal plan didn”t make it on the calendar yet.  I really like this kind of calendar because it has big enough squares to write in. As you can see, I also invested in a magnetic mail holder so important mail has a place to go and pokies online won”t get lost. Not that I”ve ever done that. Ahem.


Next is my lifesaver: my weekly cleaning checklist. (I realize it”s blurry but I couldn”t get a clear picture. If you”d like me to send you the checklist I will be happy to email you! Just email me at julie@peachstatemomsblog.com. )

Over the years, I”ve tried many different cleaning schedules but what most of them had in common was such a tight schedule: Monday clean the bathrooms, Tuesday take out the trash, etc. Well, that didn”t really work with my family, and some days I have more time (and motivation!) than others, and did I really need to be reminded to unload the dishwasher every day? So I created my own. Each area of the house has a few things that need to be done on a weekly or semi-weekly basis, and, because I love crossing things off lists as much as I like making them, I cross them off as I go. I taped this to a kitchen cabinet so it wouldn”t be out of sight-another problem I found with other schedules…I”d put it in a notebook and then never open it!

So, those are 2 things that keep this tight ship running around here. (Ha!) What about you? What”s your go-to tool for home organization?



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  • Rachel says:

    I am glad to hear that I am not the only one that doesn’t love using an online calendar. I bought a desktop calendar but have yet to find the perfect place for it in my house. I have a weekly cleaning schedule that has one big-ish task per day. Then, at the beginning of the week I make a list of all the other things I would like to get done. I don’t assign those tasks to specific days but just get them done when I have time….and cross them off the list! I recently made a menu board that I found on Pinterest, and it has really helped me make sure I have everything ready for the meal of the day. I Always used to forget to set out the meat to thaw, but now that I have a cute menu board that I walk past all the time, It reminds me to make sure I have all the supplies ready for dinner.

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