Help-Me Monday!

Monday , 1, April 2013 2 Comments

Happy Monday!  I thought I would start this week off  by asking you to help me with a couple mommy questions.  Please leave me a comment below!



1.  How do you get the lid off of the slimy, sticky, disgusting sippy cup?  You know, the one your child was drinking from while also eating spaghetti.  In my experience, the ones with handles are a little less impossible, but the ones with no handles are so slippery I can’t get the lid off unless I wash and dry it, and even then it’s not easy.  Help!

2. I have an odor (stink!) problem in Eli’s bathroom.  We use mostly cloth diapers and his bathroom is where the diaper pail lives.  The diaper pail is actually a garbage can.  The kind with the foot pedal that lifts the lid.  I use febreeze scented garbage bags in the pail, and also have an air freshener in the bottom of the pail.  Recently, because I have had issues with the stink, I have used a febreeze spray in the bathroom and the hallway outside the bathroom.  So, what I end up with is a bathroom that smells like diapers and flowers.  Not a good combination.  Help!

Do you have any questions you would like to throw out to the PSMB readers?  Send them to


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  • Liz says:

    Never fear! I have some tips! To answer your first question, get a lid opener. You know the flat round rubber things that help grip the top of jars. I would think that could work wonders for you.

    As for the stink diaper pail, I would try sprinkling a thick layer of baking soda in the bottom and you may have to take it down to wash them more often.

    Hope this helps! ~Liz

  • Heather says:

    Agree with Liz-use a rubber jar opener or maybe a rubber glove. If you can stand to use bleach-bleach that diaper pail. We’ve done it a few times with Ari’s.

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