Happy New Year! Let's talk about GOALS!

Tuesday , 1, January 2013 5 Comments

Happy 2013, everybody!

Ah, I feel good any time I get a “do-over.” Not only for Mom”s New Year (beginning of the school year!) but also in the ACTUAL new year. Something about a clean slate leaves me feeling energized! Last year I decided I”d write down some goals for our family-not just resolutions. While we/I didn”t accomplish them all (I was a big fat zero when it came to mailing handwritten letters a few times a month!) we did make plenty of real, tangible progress, the biggest one being that we paid off all of our non-house debt!

One thing I like to do when writing down goals is to break them into categories. Maybe I am a dork. At any rate, I”d like to accomplish things in the following areas this year:


  1. Take a vacation together!
  2. Create an emergency kit (this was on the list last year, too, but we never finished it. Oops!)
  3. Participate in Project 365
  4. Encourage all family members to help pick up after themselves (so that this mama doesn”t go crazy!)
So, last year, hubby & I”d planned on doing a date night each month. Our first date was a dud, however! I know date nights are an opportunity for couples to catch up without the kids, but the fact of the matter is, my hubby and I see quite a lot of each other since I stay home and he works crazy shifts. There are 2-3 pockets each week where we are kid-free by default. So that first date night, we really had nothing to talk about! We DO, however, enjoy seeing movies, so I think in 2013 I will ditch what is “supposed” to happen and enjoy the night on the town with my husband! Other goals for this category is to finally create living wills, and try to go on one overnight trip this year.

Around the House

Will the home improvement list ever see an end? Doubtful. Here”s some things that are high-priority this year:

  1. Create photo albums instead of just uploading pictures to the computer
  2. Plant a garden in the spring
  3. Cross items off our “master house list” as the budget allows
  4. Update our files as needed-this sort of goes hand in hand with the living online casino canada wills, but I like to go through our different insurance policies, etc, at least every other yeae
  5. Make our guest room look less like a dumping grounds for stuff that doesn”t have a home and more like a place that guests feel welcome!
  1. Continue to give 10%
  2. Save up for a 6 month emergency fund
  3. Have a Financial Fast month. I”ve toyed around with how this will look at our house and unfortunately, I”m the one with the problem, not the whole family! Ha! So, for the month of January I will NOT buy fast food (a habit that snuck in over the holidays!) or buy things for myself that are unneccessary. (It”s TBD whether or not a haircut falls under this category.)
  1. Allow Big Sister to participate in one sport/activity at a time of her choosing
  2. Schedule solo outings with each kid/each parent monthly. (Hey, even a trip to Home Depot counts here. Just as long as some intentional one-on-one time is happening)
  3. Continue to teach age-appropriate independence. Meaning, stop doing things for my children that they can do themselves!
┬á1. Finally get to my goal weight. 35 pounds to go! Slow and steady wins the race, but I”m ready to cross the finish line!
2. Keep up to date with doctor”s appointments-I”m overdue for almost all of them, and I also need to see a dermotologist for this adult acne that popped up a few months ago. (Anyone recommend one?)
3. Read consistently. I did better with this one last year, but it was touch and go. I”d like to read for a few minutes every day, and read at least 2 books a month.
4. Write 2 letters/cards to friends/family each month. I BOMBED at this last year but I do enjoy it! Surely I can make time for 2 a month.
I know it seems like a lot, but most of these are year-long projects.
How about you? Do you like settings resolutions or goals for the New Year?


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  • …a haircut is necessary. don’t take the need for one for granted.. ­čÖé

  • Rachel says:

    One simple goal I have is to go to bed earlier. I think soooo much of what I would like to accomplish this year will be easier if I just GO TO BED! So, face washed, teeth brushed, in bed by 10:00 every night. Not…on-the-way-up-the-stairs…but IN BED, by 10.

  • Jenny says:

    Good luck with your 2013 goals!

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