Happy Birthday to me?

Tuesday , 2, August 2011 Leave a comment

My birthday is coming up!  I’m going to be the age women claim to be for the rest of their lives!  It’s fun right? I’m already enjoying cards from my family.  I only have one problem – I have no idea how to celebrate.

I’m the kind of person that thinks we really should do nice things for our birthday, but every year I’m left sitting here thinking…”okay, what should I do?”  This has been worse for me the last few years since I’ve been a mom.  It’s your birthday!  But…but…the diapers, and the dishes, and the laundry…still there.  As a kid, our chore assignment was always wiped clean for our birthdays, maybe I should do THAT for one day! Except I won’t leave dirty bums dirty, I promise!

It doesn’t help that the days surrounding my birthday look something like this – hospital tour, work, preschool open house.

Mani/Pedi, DATE WITH MY HUSBAND, movie . . . what other options are out there?  I know some of you do NOT have this problem, so…help me out here.  What do you like to do for your birthday?

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