Hand Washing is the Best Way

Tuesday , 30, July 2013 Leave a comment

I think that my obsession with hand washing and sanitizing began during my stint in the NICU. It had to be an obsession because I was washing  my hands about 25 times a day.  I was washing upon exiting and entering and anytime I was to touch Sammi. In addition the hospital also provided a foam sanitizer that was to be used after hand washing. They and I had to be sure that I was disinfected and that everyone else disinfected themselves as well. This continued when we went home from the hospital. I posted signs all over the house telling people to either wash their hands or disinfect their hands upon entering my home and before handling the baby.

Now that he is older Wet Ones and hand sanitizer have become our best friend. With this being the case my question is, “Will hand sanitizer and wipes such as wet wipes always work or will our bodies develop some sort of immunity?” I find myself using hand sanitizer for almost everything. We disinfect our hands at restaurants. I put some on a napkin when I do not have any wet wipes and clean high chairs and the tables at the restaurant. The same goes for carts, etc. You get my point. I am not sure if this even works for surfaces but I do it any way.  I have worked in hospitals for about 14 years and have always heard of the superbug and how our bodies build immunities to certain medications if we take them too much or if we do not take them correctly. I wonder if this is the case for antibacterial solutions.

Companies only continue to make what we tend to use the most. It’s the law of supply and demand. I look back to when  we were children, what did we do? We used good old fashion soap and water. I think that getting back to the basics of hand washing is important to our health and hygiene and more so to the health and hygiene of our kids. I say this because I do not think that using the solutions will always be the best thing to do. In addition, I also think that we should be under the mindset that hand sanitizing should be an addition to or compliment our hand washing habits.

At home I enforce and encourage healthy hand washing  and I need to make sure that this becomes the practice when we are out. They say that a good hand washing is vigorous scrubbing while you sing the happy birthday song twice so we make a game out of it. I want my son to ask to wash his hands and not to ask for the hand sanitizer. Healthy habits start at home and when they are young they grasp and hold on to these habits.

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