Halloween Crafts from around the web

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My father came for a visit last week (Yay!).  Here he had thought he’d be meeting a 1 week old, but instead was getting my 3 week old!  I wanted to have fun things for us to do, so I started thinking Halloween crafts.  In the end, he spoiled me rotten.  He cooked my meals, did my dishes, sent my husband and I on a date, fixed things around my house, and let me take naps.   We didn’t do much in the way of the craft department besides draw hopscotch for Miriam over and over.

This week, my husband went North and West, and I got really anxious about having my almost-four year old and my one month old for days by myself, instead of hours.  Then, his first day gone, my daughter puked on the way to preschool and had the runs half the day.  I was feeling really concerned.

Even though my daughter would only drink juice, she seemed to be feeling pretty well.  So I had to come up with more to do besides snuggle on the couch watching movies all day.  Hey!  Halloween crafts!   Here are the ones we’ve been making from around the web.

Paper Pumpkins (courtesy of our sister site Scottsdale Moms Blog – thanks!)

Cheesecloth Ghosts – instructions at Everyday is a Crafting Day and here (We made the sugar water version, since I was not leaving the house with sick child to get starch.)

Today was Glass Jar Painted Pumpkinsthis one using tape to make the face and Crafts by Amanda with lots of variations!

Tomorrow is Styrofoam Spiders – I was all proud of myself for coming up with this idea until I searched the web and found it all over the place!  Check out this one.

Enjoy your Halloween weekend!  What is your favorite craft??

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