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Hey everyone! I’m Lindsey Paris of Redhead Baby Mama. Thank you so much to Rachel and Peach State Moms for letting me share a taste of the Redhead House with you! I started blogging in February 2012, and I’m happy to report that my blog is thriving! With multiple posts per week, an RSS feed, and other social media outlets, I’m interacting with fellow bloggers and Atlanta moms more than ever! I write about my little Redhead (of course!), my work (I’m a professional costume designer and stylist), and the strange and sometimes funny things that go on in our house. I’m starting to open up a little more and share things about my personality, so drop in anytime and throw a question or comment at me – I’m in full interaction mode and you’ll always get an answer!

Red”, as we call him in blog-land, was born in 2011 on Cinco de Mayo (…please pass the corona…). When he had his first birthday, I was a horrible mother and didn’t buy him any toys. I bought him a potty.

What!?, you say, He’s too young! Nonsense, I reply. My mother had me completely potty trained at the age of 18 months. Yes, I know Red is a boy. Yes, I know boys are harder to train, but all that isn’t stopping me. *Cue Eye of the Tiger*

Now, at 20 months, Red is 98% pee trained, and 0% poop trained. He doesn’t have the words or vocal cues to tell me he has to go but when I take him, it’s Potty Time and we’re saving lot of cash on diapers. When we have a successful trip, he is rewarded with a butterscotch chip. (Red isn’t too keen on chocolate!) In fact, Red understands the concept SO WELL that something hilarious (hind sight is 20-20, people!) happened last month.

This particular evening, we were getting ready for dinner and took a trip to the potty before getting into the high chair. Red likes to have both his pants and shoes OFF before going, I so prepped him, and he sat down. A small product. But, a product nonetheless, so a reward was issued. After he finished chewing, he looked at me, then the potty, and took a seat for round two. Ok, I thought. Sure, sometimes you’re not totally empty… When he sat down, a mere squirt came out. He stood up almost immediately; craning his little double-joined finger for a reward chip.

Now, at this young age, with a limited amount of reasoning skills and no patience (need it noooooow!), I can’t very well say, “no – you peed and you don’t get a treat”. So I gave him his reward and he headed for the door with a hop.

And a stop. And a turn. He sprinted for the potty again. No way, I thought. Three times? Surely something is amiss. He sat, he squirted, leapt up, and full out artistically craned his entire body with a cliff-hanging-save-me-arm reach for the bowl of chips. The puppy eyes said, Hey! I did it! Reward, please!

Now I’m full out laughing my head off. What a smart little booger. Again for the 3rd time, I rewarded him and this time it seemed to stick. The potty was now closed, I told him. Thank you! He giggled and nude-jogged to Daddy to show him what a big boy he was. Yes, a big and SMART boy, who figured out how to work the system like a Boss. Since that very night, he hasn’t tested the reward system again, but I’m ready anytime he wants to try.

Bio:  Lindsey is a professional costume designer, blogger, headshot stylist, and mom to a beautiful redheaded little boy. She lives with “Red”, her husband, bulldog and calico cat in Marietta GA.  Blogging for just over a year, Lindsey has delighted in her “electronic scrapbook” and sharing her voice with friends, family and fellow bloggers.  Visit her at  

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