Growing Up and Moving On

Tuesday , 22, May 2012 3 Comments

 My preschooler had her Pre-K graduation this past weekend.  It was a very happy day for the most part.  I got teary a few times during the graduation program but never broke down crying like I thought I would.  The teachers put together a wonderful graduation program.  The kids sang a few songs, there was a picture slideshow of the kids taken throughout the school year, and then they all got their diplomas.  The teacher gave each family a handmade scrapbook of pictures of their child in class throughout the school year and also a disk of the slideshow played at the program.  These teachers really care about our kids and we feel so lucky to have had the teacher we had this year.

School doesn’t officially end until this coming up Thursday.  Thursday is probably the last time my preschooler sees some of these kids that she grew up with.  She didn’t start coming to this daycare until she was two years old but some of these kids have been together since they were 12 weeks old.  How sad it is for these kids that they may not see each other again after being together every week for the last 3-5 years.  Our school is on the border of two cities and so the kids are going to about a dozen different schools.  From the class, there will only be one other student who will go to the same elementary school as our daughter.  It is that way for the other kids too – only one or two kids from the class will go to the each of the dozen or so elementary schools around this area.

We’ve talked to our preschooler about having to make new friends in kindergarten next year.  She seems to understand it but as a parent, you feel so sad for the kids.  This group of kids have played together and fought over the same toys with each other for all these years.  They have cheered each other on through learning how to use utensils, use the potty, recognize the alphabet, write their names, and so much more.  They have learned alongside each other and taught each other many things.  I have known some of these kids from the time they had very little hair to now.  This group of kids has helped shape my preschooler’s initial ideas of what a friendship is like.  Sure, leaving the school and the kids is not as drastic a change as Maggie having to prepare her kids to move across the country but it is a change, nevertheless.  By this time next year, my daughter will likely have made many new friends and will not even think about her classmates from the past few years.  This is all part of growing up and while I love watching her grow into her own little person, I’m still a bit emotional about the growing up part.

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  • Maggie says:

    Ahhh! I felt so sad about leaving my daughters preschool and we were only there one year! I thought it was weird to have the sadness about it! At least I’m normal!

  • Julie says:

    This made me cry! Boo hoo sob! I am having a very tough time with our resident Big Sister moving on to kindergarten. I guess part of it is knowing that this will be a small step in becoming totally independent and that I won’t be there to hold her hand all the time if needed. I feel silly but it is what it is!

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