Grantville Splash Pad- Well Worth The Price of Admission

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What can you get for $1 nowadays?  A cheaply made toy at the dollar store, or a greasy burger at a fast food restaurant.  That’s pretty much it.  How about admission to the brand new splash pad in Grantville?  I’m calling it the best $1 i’ve spent all summer.

The location– Some of you might be saying ‘Grantville?, Really? Never heard of it!’.  Whch is pretty much how I was, so let me just tell you that it is about 30 minutes south of Newnan straight down I-85.  Easy peasy, and let’s be honest.  We’re all just going to put the address into our GPS or phone and follow blindly until we see water.  As you drive through the downtown area on your way to the splash pad, take a look around and see if anything looks familiar.  Hint– Hit Zombie show, filmed locally….yeah, that one!  Anyway, don’t let the fact that you have never been to Grantville deter you from trying it out.

The layout–  The splash pad is surrounded by a chain link fence and the only gate is guarded by one of the two staff members on duty.  The play area has two ‘sides’.  One with smaller water features which was great for my toddler, and one with bigger features.  He did venture over to the bigger side but spent more time on the smaller side.  There are tables with umbrellas surrounding the play area.  There is also a fenced off area with more tables that is marked ‘food’ area or something like that.  They have a couple ‘changing’ areas and one bathroom.

'Toddler area

‘Toddler area

Big kid area

Big kid area

The scoop– Get there when they open at 11 and you will be sure to get a good table.  Both times that I have been there I would not call it crowded, but having a table close to where my child wanted to play made my experience better.  The whole park isn’t that big.  I felt comfortable leaving my infant sleeping in his stroller while playing with my toddler in the water because I could see the stroller the whole time.  Bring a lunch.  We ate at our table even though it wasn’t in the ‘food’ area.  We didn’t get reprimanded and made sure to clean up all of our garbage before leaving.  Be prepared to get wet. To be honest, I had just as much fun as my toddler but only because I was prepared to ‘play’ in the water with him.  It is HOT out there so why not enjoy the coolness the water brings?  Bring your dollar.  Last time I paid in quarters.  I’m pretty sure it is cash only so be prepared for that.  There is a small table with chips and drinks available if you need a snack on site.

picnic table and babies

picnic table and babies


It is the last week of summer.  Do it.  Go cool off.  Have fun, and let me know what you think!

Splash pad 5

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