Georgia Transplants: Whats up with this weather?

Monday , 4, July 2011 Leave a comment

Since Maggie and I are not native to Georgia, we thought it would be interesting to share some of our observations about our new ‘homeland’.

First up, Rachel’s observations on some differences in the weather, and a note about our local news stations.

I knew there would be noticeable differences when I moved to the South, I just thought most of them would have to do with accents and food.  Having married someone from the south, I thought I was pretty up to speed on the main differences between here and the Midwest.  Well, that was until I experienced our first Spring thunderstorm.  I realized at that point that “we weren’t in Iowa anymore!”

Iowa has some pretty wicked spring/summer thunderstorms but differ from the ones down here mostly in the way they begin.  Southern storms (in my experience so far) often pop up out of nowhere!  It can be a clear blue day with not a cloud in the sky and all of a sudden, wind picks up and giant raindrops, or even hail fall from the sky! Then, as quickly as they appeared, they are gone, leaving massive puddles, downed branches, and steaming streets. The Midwest storms I am used to seemed to give more of an alert that they were coming, and linger for longer. This year has been particularly devastating around the country so maybe my storm senses are on high alert, but the differences really stuck out to me this season.

Since the storms have been pretty severe, there have been a few occasions where we have been glued to the television, watching the news, making sure we didn’t need to take cover.  Being fairly new to the area, we first hopped between news stations, not having chosen one that we preferred.  One particular evening, It was obvious that one news station had much better storm coverage than the others.

My morning ritual involves, getting breakfast, taking it back to bed with me,  and turning on The Today Show.  So, I am used to the morning snippets from 11 alive news, which I enjoy.  The traffic updates, weather reports, and morning reporting are well done.  Naturally, I turned to channel 11 the night of one of our bigger storms hoping to be as pleased with their severe weather coverage, and was sorely disappointed.  Not only was the storm coverage mediocre, the news anchors asked the meteorologist, on more than one occasion, when the storm would be getting to ‘the more populated areas, like Atlanta’ .  Excuse me? I thought I had to have misheard them the first time, but they said it again a few minutes later.  That comment made it seem like the area outside of Atlanta is desolate, rural land, which is just not the case.  There are plenty of folks outside of Atlanta, but still within their viewing area that would have liked to be acknowledged that evening.

The storm coverage from channel 2 was much more informative (and less offensive to those of us in the suburbs).  Their weather report catered to much more of the viewing area, and alerted specific areas as to when it was a good idea to take cover.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy my channel 11 in the morning, but for now, channel 2 is my severe weather station.

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