Georgia Booster Seat Law

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Most of you have probably been hearing the buzz – maybe from friends or schools that there have been changes in the Georgia Booster Seat Law.   In case you haven’t, or are unsure what the new laws are – look no further!

In Georgia

  • Children under age 8 must be properly secured in an approved car seat or booster seat
  • The seat must be in the rear seat of the car (with some exceptions – if there is no rear seat in the car for example)
  • The seat must be appropriate for child height and weight, meet federal standards and be properly installed

Booster seats are important because until reach a certain height, seat belts alone do not fit children.  Booster seats position both the lap and shoulder belts properly on children.

If you want to read further about the booster seat law, the importance and proper usage of car and booster seats, and the exceptions – follow the links below!

Child Passenger Safety in Georgia

Changes to Georgia Booster Seat Law – pdf explaining changes and exceptions

Law information from Georgia Traffic Injury Prevention Institute

Keep safe!

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