Fruit Smoothie – My secret ingredient

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I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect make it at home smoothie.  There have been several times in my pregnancy when I didn’t want to eat anything but a fruit smoothie sounded like something I could stomach.  I bought lots of frozen mixes (Jamba Juice and Yoplait) and threw some money at Planet Smoothie.  And yes, the pineapple-mango smoothie at McDonalds also made my weekly diet for a while.  But I really wanted to do it MYSELF.  In any flavor I wanted!

Planet Smoothie is my favorite stop, but I couldn’t throw that much money at getting one (or two) of these every day.  My daughters favorite thing at Planet Smoothie is the kids Strawberry Smoothie.  And it’s excellent!  The ingredient list says strawberries and yogurt.    There is no way this is including the  “secret ingredient” that makes it flavorful and creamy.   I wanted to know how…short of making a strawberry milkshake.

I’ve tried some different things.  I had a roommate in college who made smoothies with silken tofu.  I remember them being good.  I don’t remember them tasting funny.  But when I tried it with tofu…it tasted funny.

Then I got a really GREAT DEAL at Publix on THIS STUFF:

50 cents each! Regularly 2.99 at Publix. Oh yeah!

And I made a Strawberry Smoothie that totally rivaled Planet Smoothie on the happiness factor at my house.  This stuff is my magic ingredient.

I’ll be honest, I almost never measure these ingredients.  But here are my best guesstimates:

Here are your ingredients. Minus the potatoes..sorry about the potato intrusion

1 cup fruit sorbet (in this case strawberry)

1/2 – 1 cup frozen fruit (in this case strawberry’s from Adams Farms)

1/3 (ish) cup yogurt OR 1/2 banana (fresh or frozen)

Milk.  A couple splashes.  Really, that is all I do with it.  Maybe up to 1/4 cup?

Put ingredients in blender in this order.  Blend on a medium high setting until creamy.  Probably takes 60 seconds or more.  Yum!

_________ Extra smoothie tips:

One tip I also picked up from an article on Weight was let frozen fruit sit out for about 10 minutes before adding it to the smoothie.  This seems to help with the problem I refer to as “stinking awful blender”

Just so you are aware, Whole Fruit sorbet has strong flavor.  Whatever other fruit you are mixing in there could be a bit overshadowed by the sorbet.  You may need more of that fruit if you want both flavors to show up in your drink.

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