Front Door Makeover

Tuesday , 11, September 2012 5 Comments

It all started with a Lowe’s commercial.  The one with the bright yellow door.  I had to have one….and it just so happened that I had a new (to me) front door and no landlord to tell me that It couldn’t be yellow!  This is one of the fun parts of home ownership!  Leaky pipes under the sink is one of the not so fun parts….but that is a different story. The day after I saw the commercial, I went to Lowe’s and picked out some bright yellow paint.  Chickadee to be more specific.  I spent nap time the next day covering the boring black with my new favorite color.

Then, something had to be done about the dilapidated, brassy light fixtures on each side of the door. One was almost completely missing and the other didn’t work.  Not to mention they were UGLY.  Hubby and I found a pair of cute, sophisticated,  brushed nickel light fixtures that were on sale to boot.  I would have enjoyed helping him install the light fixtures but someone had to entertain Eli.  That is something I have missed put on since having the kiddo.  I enjoy helping with projects around the house.  I am pretty handy myself, but now, I am the default kid entertainer, so my days helping with home projects are much more limited.

I finished off the look (for now) by spray painting a cement planter (left by the previous homewoners) sky blue.

My front door before:


Looks ok, but boring... and the light fixtures weren't even functional

And after:

And from the street it looks like this:

I love the yellow door with the pink of the crepe myrtle!


I have heard my neighbor describe her house as ‘the one across from the yellow door’.  You can’t miss us!

Future plans for the front of the house include a burlap wreath I found on Pinterest,  more plants and a front porch swing.

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  • pam mcvey says:

    I have some plants!

  • Rachel says:

    Do you think they can make the trip from Iowa?

  • Marian Messerly says:

    Looks nice, Rachel!! Keep having fun!!

  • Julie says:

    I love it! So cheerful!

  • […] My bright yellow front door has been blank since I took down my fall burlap wreath.  Figuring out what to hang on my door has been on my to-do list since Easter.  Last week I finally got around to gathering the supplies for my new summer wreath.  As I perused pinterest I didn’t find anything that was exactly what I wanted.  Ideally my new summer door decoration would be colorful (but not too girly), inexpensive to make, quick (as in put together in less than an hour), and would incorporate our last name, or at least the first letter.  I decided to head to the craft store for more inspiration and this is what I came up with. […]

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