Flying with Kids: What to Bring for Entertainment

Tuesday , 24, April 2012 2 Comments

What do we bring on long plane trips for the kids:

Snacks  I feel like I always over-pack snacks.  But I get nervous about being stuck on the runway for hours.  I try to pack mostly healthy snacks but I also pack some sugary treats for emergencies. Fruits (fresh and dried), dry cereal, crackers, trail mix, and healthy granola bars (homemade or Lara Bars) are what I try bring on a plane.  I try to avoid snacks with preservatives or too much sugar anyway but I really try to avoid it on the plane since it may cause hyperactivity.  I just bought a dehydrator to make my own dried fruit so I know that there’s no added sugar or preservatives.  The two batches of dried apples I made turned out well and my toddler seemed to like it but the oldest is not too fond of it yet.

Art  Crayons, stickers, paper, travel-sized magnetic doodler.  I got some small cheap magnetic doodlers at Target for $5 each a few years ago.  I couldn’t find what I have online but I saw this one on Amazon even though it is quite bulky.  I thought a metal lunchbox and some small magnets would go over well on one trip but it didn’t hold my child’s interest and just took up lots of room.  She did like the magnetic play books I brought along.

Books  Small books and new books.  I’m not going to bring too many books on our next trip and hoping to keep the kids’ interest with some books loaded on the iPad and Kindle.  I think the small magnetic books and some activity books with stickers/tape are great to bring along too.  My toddler can sit for an half hour or more just putting stickers onto paper.  The magnetic books can be found here.  I like the small ones that are easier to take along.

Toys  Small toys!  Let them help you pack some small toys and also buy some new small toys that they can open.  My preschooler loves the Little Pet Shop Pets.  We bring along the pets only and put them in a little bag and let her carry them around with her.  She can play with those pets in any setting.  They especially keep her interest when you add in a fairy doll or two.  My toddler likes small animal figurines (mainly horses) and cars and whatever his sister has.  So sometimes, this is when the sugary treats help in distracting them from getting into an argument.

Electronics  Leapfrog items, iPad, Kindle, dvd player. I bring the Califone Headphones for kids – they’re comfortable for kids but it does take up some space.  I’m thinking about getting these Kids Gear Wired Headphones for the toddler on this trip to try them out.  We bring some electronic items for the adults too to keep our sanity.  We have lots of games for the kids on the iPad and iPods.  But I feel like we are always playing with the same few games only.

Do you have any recommendations on fun (and preferrably educational but that’s not necessary) apps to load onto the iPad or iPod for a 2 year old and 5 year old for a long flight? 

Maybe I can use the new app like a new toy and introduce a new game every so often on the iPad.  🙂

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  • Maggie says:

    So, I did a post called My Toddlers IPod on here way back in the day 🙂 Some of our favorites are: Monkey Preschool Lunchbox and now, Monkey Math Sunshine (both by Thup I think). I also like First Words Deluxe which comes in a few languages now. They can learn letters and spelling, or you can set it to phonics. I also like Giraffes Matching zoo (free!) and Pocket Frogs. My daughter likes Garfield, so we have a couple free Garfield apps too. Would love to hear what you find!

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