Field Trip Survival Guide

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This week I had the fun opportunity to chaperone my second field trip with wild child’s PreK class to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia. I had such a wonderful experience! In fact, we all did, parents, teachers and kids alike. So I wanted to share with you some tips on making a field trip with 21 four and five year olds a success!

1. Pay Attention to the Plan! Before you ever leave the school, know the plan. If you are driving your own car, make sure you have cell phone numbers of the teacher, and at least one other parent in case you get separated from the group. Make sure you have any directions and listen to any specific instructions given by the teacher. Make sure you clarify the plan to handle accidents and emergencies. Ask about any allergies!

2. Learn Names! This is a struggle for me! I am horrible with remembering names but you need to make a point to introduce yourself to other parents and the kids. Make sure you commit to memory the name of your “buddy” or child assigned to you. Write it down if you have to! Keep count of your kids at all time. If you are assigned a group, take role as well. A head count doesn’t ensure the ones you counted are supposed to be with you!

3. Follow the Rules! Make sure you follow the rules set forth by the teacher and the facility. Enforce those with the children if you have to. You can usually head off any issues if you are paying attention to what the kids are doing. Stay alert and notify the teacher if there are any major issues or concerns.


4. Keep Up! Be sure to stay with the group. Make sure you review any specific times you need to check in with the teacher if you get to go off and explore on your own. Set a reminder in your cell phone just in case you get carried away in the excitement! You wouldn’t want someone to have to come find you!

5. Offer to Help! Let the teacher know that you are willing to help with any extra tasks like passing out lunches, washing hands and bathroom breaks. The trip can be fun for everyone involved and the teacher should be able to enjoy it too! It’s no fun when you feel like you have to do everything yourself!

Following these tips, and having a good attitude will help ensure everyone has a safe and fun trip! And make sure you are invited back for the next field trip!

Have you been on any field trips yet with your kiddos? I would love for you to add your own tips and share your experiences!

Here are a few pictures of the fun we had!


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