Favorite Halloween Decoration Ideas (Pinterest Round-up)

Wednesday , 2, October 2013 1 Comment

One of my favorite things about Fall is that Halloween is just around the corner and as a horror movie  lover who majored in theatre and costume design, a holiday that is all about dressing up and eating candy is obviously my favorite one of them all. Here’s a few of my favorite decoration ideas, great especially for those with young kids, since we don’t want to scare them off Halloween too early.




1. Halloween Paper Plate Crafts

2. Floaty Ghosts

3. Funky & Cute Halloween Door Decor

4. Adorable Frankenstein’s Monster and Candy Corn Paint chip decorations

5.  Elmo & Cookie Monster Pumpkins  (see also Bert & Ernie pumpkins)

6. Halloween Yard Silhouettes


For more cute and spooky Halloween ideas, follow Coweta Fayette Families Halloween board on Pinterest!


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