Father’s Day Recap

Wednesday , 19, June 2013 2 Comments

In case you missed it, last week was PSMB’s All about Dads week. We talked about gift ideas for those wonderful, deserving men in your life, how Dads do it differently from Moms and that’s okay, how sometimes you can see your father’s traits in your husband, and even heard an interview with a military dad overseas, but before we put away all thoughts of Father’s Day again until next year, I wanted to share what I actually did to celebrate Father’s Day for the Dads in my life and I want you to share with us how your Father’s Day went too. Was it all that you hoped? What did you end up getting him? How did you celebrate? Let us know in the comments!


I’m very guilty of waiting until the last minute to make gift-giving plans, especially for this holiday (Christmas is really the only holiday I plan ahead for), so in usual fashion I’m trying to get Father’s Day photos only a few days ahead of the actual big day. In my defense, the Goober had gotten an ear infection the week before that made us postpone our original picture appointment with Casey Photography. One of the traditions I started last year for Father’s Day cards was taking a picture of the Goober in one of my husband’s suits and ties. The first year picture with the Goober only a couple of months old and unable to sit up on his own was quite hilarious, but adding this year’s pictures to the mix made me very happy to have started this tradition and I can’t wait to add future ones and see how fast he is growing up.

2013 Father's Day pictures in Daddy's suit (photo by Casey Photography)


2012 Father's Day picture in Daddy's suit (photo by Allie Hansen)

In terms of materialistic gift items, the hubby and I discussed getting him a new grill since we had left our old in Charlotte, NC when we moved and the summer months are perfect grilling months. A grill is a pretty big item, so lucky for him, his birthday is coming up soon and the cost of the purchase is being split between the two events. I’m also a sucker for the Target dollar section (I’m sure I’m not the only one) and when I saw they had mini beer glasses and a wooden board for making your own beer flight (basically, a beer tasting tray), I jumped on it for my beer loving hubby. So all in all, I think the hubster got a bit spoiled this year, but that’s okay, he kind of deserved it.


I was so excited that this year, my parents could come down from South Carolina for the weekend and spend Father’s Day with us. I am a firm believer that the best present you can give is always the gift of your time, and getting to spend Father’s Day with both my dad and my husband was wonderful and the bonus was the hubby had the perfect excuse to break in his new grill. Lots of memories were made this holiday! Tell us about yours!

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