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Does your family have traditions of taking yearly photos? Most likely, you take photos on major holidays like Christmas, or on milestone days like the first day of school. But do you do it on a regular basis, with thoughts of documenting the yearly changes?

With a little effort, if you are consistent, down the road you”ll have wonderful keepsakes that show your children”s growth and the evolution of your family and friends. You”ll also have a great record of changes in fashions and hairstyles!


2011–Family and Friends Christmas Pajama Picture. Framed anniversary photos for the first 30 years are shown on the wall behind us.

Beginning on our honeymoon, my husband and I started taking yearly anniversary photos. We now have 37 photos in our collection! Thirty photos are framed in two large frames in our den (shown above), the third frame is ready to hang. I”m pregnant for the first time on our 11th anniversary. By our 13th anniversary, we have two children! By our 36th anniversary, our children are out of college and grad school!

Britt Washington National 2013-6

1984 and 1994

Britt Washington National 2013-6-1

2006 and 2008


I found two other families online who have taken yearly photos. Zed Nelson photographed his friend”s family for 22 years! They used a similar pose each year.   Here are 23 years of Wacky Sibling Photos. What great ways to document family!

It”s never too late to start your own photo traditions! Just choose a favorite online casino time or place, and get started!

For the last dozen years, our family has taken photos for our Christmas cards wearing Santa hats. Sometimes the photos are taken during family adventures or summer vacations. Here is a blog post I wrote about our Santa hats where I shared a few of our Santa hat photos. Here is the story that was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Gift of Christmas, about our Santa Hat Photo Tradition.


Display of Santa Hat Photos with Dickens quote, ” I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”

To give you some additional ideas, we document a lot of our regular traditions. We take photos every year of the family cutting our Christmas tree together, wearing Christmas Cracker crowns with family and friends at Christmas dinner, wearing matching Christmas pajamas, dying Easter eggs, celebrating the Fourth of July, family photos with pets, etc.

Being intentional about traditions strengthens family bonds and builds memories that last a lifetime. Capturing those moments via digital pictures and videos is priceless!

What are your favorite photo or video traditions?


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  • Rachel says:

    Each year, we take a photo with my husband family at Christmas. We have been married for 8 years and it is alreadyy funny to look back! Next year there will be two more babies in the picture than there were last year.

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