Fall. A time for pumpkin patches, changing leaves, and New TV shows!!

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Be honest….who is ready for fall TV to start? Me, me, me!! Now, I am not totally in the loop about all the newest shows coming up but I am excited about a few of my favorites returning and am ready to try out some new shows as well. Here’s my fall lineup…and a few I’m not gonna try.

Rachel's Picks

Old Faves

The Amazing Race: I am going to try to limit my reality TV this year, but I think the Amazing Race is one of the best reality shows out there. Plus, what else is there to do on a Sunday night? After the first episode it seems that producers are encouraging more ‘alliances’ if you will. The team that finished first was awarded two express passes. One for them to use on themselves, and one to give to another team sometime before the 5th leg. Looks like there will be some brown nosing going on for sure. I think the teams look pretty likable, although the folks that did win the first leg are already about to rip each other’s heads off. Should be a fun season to watch!


HIMYM: Thats ‘How I Met Your Mother’ to those of you that have been living under a rock for the past 8 years. This is the final season. #sadface. In the season premier we meet the mother, which might seem a bit anti-climactic, but she doesn’t make an appearance in the second episode, so I’m sure they are going to keep us guessing as to how Ted actually meets her. How funny was the whole cookie scenario with Lilly and the Mother? Summbitches? Get the recipe here.

Parenthood: I admit. This show makes me want to have four children and have them all live close to me their entire lives. Or maybe it makes me wish I lived closer to my parents and siblings. I guess I shouldn’t have moved half way across the country…Anyway. I LOVE this show. The first episode seemed a bit choppier than previous seasons but I am hoping it is just because they had to set up everyone’s story line.

The New Girl: So, our antenna decided to be funky and stopped picking up FOX so I have not yet started to watch this season of The New Girl. I can’t wait to get caught up though!

The Big Bang Theory: As many re-runs as I have seen of this show lately, I could really use some new material. I am looking forward to a season of Raj being able to talk to women. I would love to see a more human side of Sheldon. It really bothers me that he has NO romantic or sexual desires. He just doesn’t seem real. His hair is better this season though. Speaking of hair, I was hoping they would clean Leonard up a bit, but he still looks like a schlumpy bachelor. Not sure what Penny sees in the guy.

The Walking Dead: We originally started watching this show because it is filmed so close by…and got hooked. I have yet to see any of the cast out and about, and am not sure what I would do if I DID see any of them! Last season seemed a bit slow…and ended without much resolution. I am ready to see the fate of the Governor, and am hoping the new group holed up in the prison has some good days, but after watching the trailer for this season, there is not much hope for that. We’ll see how much of this show I can take while pregnant. It doesn’t usually leave me feeling warm and fuzzy so I don’t know that my crazy emotions can take it.

New for 2013

The Crazy Ones: Robin Williams. Nuff said. I hope he isn’t just low on cash or something. First episode was just OK. I do like Sarah Michelle Gellar as well. Not sure if she’ll ever have a character as cool as Buffy again. I’ll give it a few more episodes to peak my interest.

Dads: This one probably won’t be on the list for long but I have to give anything Seth Green does a chance. Again, since my antenna isn’t picking up Fox I’ll have to Hulu this one.

No Thanks:

The Goldbergs: I just don’t see how this isn’t going to be cliche after cliche. Plus, I really don’t like Wendy Mclendon-Covey or George Segal. I’ll pass.

Mom: Eh, Just not interested. I’m not into laughing about Mom being an alcoholic screw up and daughters getting pregnant. Like I said, No Thanks.

Hostages: I was excited about this one but after the first half of the first episode I don’t think I can hang. Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones, but I think I could definitely get too emotionally involved. FBI agent dad whose wife has cancer…that’s enough to make me cry these days…and He’s the bad guy!


So that is my run-down. What are you watching and LOVING or HATING this fall??

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