Fall 2012 Consignment Sale Recap

Friday , 28, September 2012 1 Comment

I made a plan for my consignment sale shopping this season so I would be sure to get everything I needed for Eli’s fall wardrobe.  I am thrilled to say that I got MOST of what I was looking for and came in way under budget.

Here is my original list, with updates about what I actually got.

Budget- $150 $75- See, WAY under budget!

Clothes- Size 18-24 months

-10 pairs of pants: jeans, khakis, and sweat/athletic pants

-10 long sleeved shirts

-1 or 2 jackets

-5 sweatshirts


-Shoes–I got one pair of crocs for $1, but have been getting LOTS of hand-me-down shoes from our neighbor.  We are set for fall!

This is just part of the clothing I purchased at the Fall consignment sales




-Mega Blocks

-Balls- Eli is only has one and is obsessed with it– Didn’t find anything good

-Wooden puzzles with big pieces– Saw a few but decided it is a little early for puzzles and will look for some in the spring

-Tool bench- (possible 1st birthday present) will spend up to $25 for one in good shape– I didn’t find ANY tool benches.  Of course there were plenty of ‘kitchen’ sets, but no tool benches.  We have decided to go in a different direction for Eli’s first birthday present anyway.  More on that later!


Eli enjoying his new Mega Blocks


-Baby Gate- I saw a few but they were still priced pretty high and were quite worn.  I am going to keep my eye on the consignment stores, or possibly buy one from Julie

-Toy Storage- shelf with bins or cubbies of some sort.- My parents found a great optinon at an auction and will bring it when they come to visit for Eli’s birthday

I also got:

…a small basket ball hoop toy.

…a super cute Alabama track suit.

…a potty chair

…2 pairs of footie pajamas

…5 rompers

…one pair of overalls


This fall I found that I definitely like some sales better than others.  The first sale I attended was the Like New Consignment Sale.  This one was my favorite because it had GREAT prices and LOTS of they kinds of clothes I was looking for.  I could have gotten all his clothes here, but, part of my plan was to pace myself…so i did. Next season, If I can get all of Eli’s clothes in one stop, I am going to do it.

 How did you do this consignment sale season?


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