Fair Fun!

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One of our favorite things to do in the fall is drive down to Perry, GA for the Georgia National Fair.  It is something we have attended every year since my husband and I met in 2002!  It started when I was in college.  I skipped a day of classes and we drove down for arm band day.  We were kids again!  We went on every ride multiple times!  We stuffed ourselves with all of the fair food we could handle!  We stayed till closing when they shot off the fireworks!

Fast forward  10 years, add in a wild child to the mix and suprisingly,  our trip didn’t look all that different from the first one!  We went on a day Riley didn’t have school.  It was arm band day.  And we went on every ride possible.  We  ate all the fair food we could handle!  And yes, we even stayed out until closing and watched the fireworks.

Although the basic things we always enjoyed didn’t change, a lot of the details did.  Well, maybe just one detail.  His name is Melman and he dictates the entire trip!  Melman is a baby giraffe that is a part of the Eudora Farms Exotic Petting Zoo.  I am not  sure how long the petting zoo has been coming to the fair but it has been there since Riley was born.  Last year was when she fell in love with Melman!

Melman was just a newborn, a few months old, when we  met him last year.  This year he  had a year on him and a few feet in height!  What  enchanted my daughter was feeding him! We bought a cup of carrot sticks and  got an up close and personal experience with him!


In the picture with me she was SO excited she wouldn’t look at the camera.  With daddy she is up in the air and so happy it shows all over her face! 
After we spent some quality time with Melman (about an hour!), we moved on to the fun rides.  I was forced to endure this slide over and over again!
It looks like I was being tortured doen’t it?  Not really, it was a lot of fun!
We always save the best ride for last!  It’s the last thing we do before we get ready for the fireworks.  We ride the Ferris Wheel!  It’s breathtaking to be that high up!  We get a great view!
Not a bad way to end the day huh?  And my favorite part, Riley hasn’t stopped talking about it since!
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