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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not be able to have children without some sort of fertility assistance? Unfortunately, we experience this every day at Extraordinary Conceptions Surrogacy & Egg Donor Agency.

Did you know that 1 out of every 6 people of childbearing age have problems with fertility and will need some sort of assistance in order to have a child that is biologically related to them? The following story is from one of our surrogates, who is a mother to 4 children and felt the calling to help a couple who needed help carrying their baby. Even though she received financial compensation, the money doesn’t measure up to what she felt in being able to help make this couple’s dream of having a family come true. In her own words, Janae Krell, shares her story as a gestational surrogate.

I’m often asked, “Why did you choose to be a surrogate?”  And my answer is simple, “Why wouldn’t I?”  I remember the day I decided that I was going to be a surrogate. It was just after my fourth child was born and as I stared into her beautiful eyes, taking in every bit of her, my heart felt like it would nearly explode with love.

Then I realized, some people are not so blessed. They want the same feelings that I was experiencing. They want children of their own, and they can’t have them. That felt unfair to me. Then I had a realization that I could do something about it. I could carry someone else’s baby for them! Pregnancy always came easy for me. I actually enjoyed being pregnant. Also, my husband and I did not want any more children of our own. So becoming a surrogate was perfect!

After talking it through with my husband and making sure he we were on the same page, I started to research surrogacy and surrogacy agencies. I knew next to nothing about being a surrogate at the time and wanted to partner with an agency rather than try to do this on my own. With the agency, I had professionals on my side guiding me through the whole process and making sure everyone was covered legally and medically.  I decided to go with Extraordinary Conceptions in Southern California.

After filling out the online application, I was soon matched with a local couple and we hit it off immediately. The medical screenings were simple and the contracts phase was a breeze. Stephanie Caballero, the lawyer and co-owner of Extraordinary Conceptions, explained everything thoroughly and pretty soon we found ourselves ready for the transfer!

Two perfect embryos were implanted into my uterus in November and I was ordered on three days of bed rest. Two weeks later, I had blood drawn for my beta results, which were positive for pregnancy, yay!  Two days later, another blood draw to make sure everything was still progressing smoothly. Three weeks later, I was sitting in my OB/GYN’s office with the Intended Parents (also referred to as IPs).


I remember that day vividly… We were anxious to see the doctor for the first time since the pregnancy had been confirmed and excited to see just how many babies were in there!  I’d been having morning sickness unlike with my own children so I assumed both embryos were viable and I was carrying twins. I was right, sort of!

The little room was crowded, myself on the exam table, the ultrasound tech, my IPs in the corner, and my two youngest children in the other small corner, all eyes on the screen. Two sacs! Both babies were there! The Intended Mother burst into tears. My heart swelled and my eyes also filled with tears. As the Intended Mother and Intended Father cried and hugged, I heard the tech say “Uh oh, oh wait!” Wait? What?!? She found a third and final baby! TRIPLETS!! Both implanted embryos were viable and one of them split.

During the contract phase I had agreed to multiples as long as the doctor said I was healthy enough to carry them. Triplets are not the norm for surrogacy, but I was up to the challenge. My husband and IPs were with me for every doctor appointment and ultrasound. Since they were local to me, we grew very close and still are to this day.

On June 14, 2010 I delivered three healthy babies into the arms of their parents. Everyone celebrated, cried, and thanked me for the gift I gave them. What an amazing experience. From start to finish the journey is one that I will always cherish. I had the opportunity to give life! How amazing is that?!

I still see my IPs and the triplets every chance I get. We are considered part of their family and they are part of ours.

Since this surrogacy journey, I have decided to share my knowledge and experience with everyone who is interested in surrogacy by starting a website: allthingssurrogacy.org. I’ve built an amazing community within the surrogacy world. There are many surro-sisters to share stories with, encourage, and watch go through the same experience I did.  I am so lucky to have had this journey and to help others who are currently on their own journey. Surrogacy is amazing. Giving life is the best feeling in the world.

{This is a Sponsored Post by Extraordinary Conceptions and was not written by PSMB.}

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