Exederm- For your babies sensitive skin. {Review and Giveaway}

Tuesday , 29, October 2013 3 Comments

exederm baby lotionI have blogged on multiple occasions that my son has had some issues with eczema.  If you haven’t read our story you can get caught up here and here.  I am so happy to report that Eli’s skin has gotten so much better.  He seems to have outgrown the terrible eczema outbreaks he suffered from his first 18 months of life.  He does, however, still have sensitive patches and a few small outbreaks here and there.  We are no longer using any harsh steroid creams so I have been looking for the best options for his skin care routine.  When I was asked to try out Exederm I jumped at the opportunity.

Exederm products are made from the mildest ingredients possible.  If you have had any experience with eczema you know how important that is.  While it is trendy to have lotions and body washes that smell like vanilla, raspberry, and sea breeze, the very ingredients that give the product its scent can really irritate sensitive eczema skin.  The main page of the Exederm website has some great charts comparing Exederm to other leading brands.  As a visual learner, these charts really stood out to me.  Check them out and you will see what I mean!  Oh, and they do have a full line of products for adults too.

Exederm cream

I was given three Exederm products to try out, the cleansing baby wash, the hydrating baby lotion, and the flare control cream.  First, I used the body wash during one of Eli’s baths.  My grimy little boy was cleaned right up and afterwards there were no ill effects, which is the important part.  I mean, most soaps will get him clean, but the way his skin reacts afterwards is equally important.   After bath, I used the lotion.  I have to say that I really like the lotion.  It is completely fragrance free and is a great consistency and texture.  It moisturized Eli’s skin without leaving it (or my hands!) greasy.  I have only needed to use the flare control cream once but I liked it as well.  It is a thicker texture that rubbed into Eli’s skin really well, but stayed in place.  It seemed to give his rougher spots some relief right away and looked even better in the morning.


**I received sample products from Exederm but any opinions expressed are purely my own**

Now for the fun part.  You can enter to win your very own set of products from Exederm.  Enter below!

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  • A younger sibling of mine had a similar issue when he was a baby but we were told that he was allergic to Neosporin not that it was Eczema. We only found out later when he was 10ish thats what it was. I wish this stuff had been around back then!

  • My daughter had eczema when she was younger. This looks like it would have made a big difference for her.

  • Cara says:

    Both kids have had eczema breakouts and I have never found anything that didn’t aggravate their skin more or the scent didn’t aggravate my allergies. I’m am going to have to check this out.

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