Everything Pink

Saturday , 9, July 2011 Leave a comment

What’s a mom to do when your second child is a boy but everything you’ve got is PINK from your first child – a girl?!

Actually, in pulling out the baby gear I’m finding lots of gender neutral-ness.  Our car seat and stroller and the baby bedding are cream colored  (Booorrrrriiing).    But I have some items that are completely girly – and only slightly used.  In particular, a Bounce Bounce Baby from Bright Starts, a walker, and a NEVER USED baby bather.  I figure I have two basic options:

*Sell at a consignment sale (Kellytown kids is coming up!), consignment shop, or craigslist and use funds towards some new stuff. I really would like a bouncer.

*Use my pink stuff.  It’s not like baby boy is going to care much!

Funny thing, if my first baby had been a boy and my second a girl, we would not be having this conversation.

So, what would you do? What have you done?


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