Eli’s Little Red Car

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Every kid mom has a toy or two that they love.  The one that is perfect for entertaining your child in the grocery cart or at a restaurant.  The one you can pull out when the little one is being extra whiny and it instantly changes his mood.  The one that will get played with until it is threadbare  or the paint is worn off.  Usually, moms favorite toy also happens to be one the kiddo enjoys too.  That is the case with Eli’s little red car.

This toy came highly recommended from a friend that uses her little red car because she often has her son at work with her.  She told me it is perfect for entertaining, and containing her little guy….and it is mobile!  Bonus!  So, I bit.  Well, actually, I passed the word on to Eli’s Nana J and she thought he definitely needed the adorable little red car.  The following pictures will prove how much we have used the Little Red Car!

We have used Little Red Car to contain Eli while we work on projects outside the house.  Above, we were building some work benches for the garage (so we could organize the mess!).  Below, Eli had a (safe) front seat watching Daddy cut down a tree in the back yard.

Left: Eli has gotten to the point where he likes to push the Little Red Car around by himself.  This picture is from toddler time at Starlite Family Fun Center in Sharpsburg.  Middle: This photo was taken at the park.  You know, the time we had to call an ambulance.  Right: Little Red Car can occupy two kids at once!

Why should you get a Little Red Car for your little one?

-It is super cute!  Your kiddo will be adorable in one!

-It has a seat belt.  No escaping!

-There is a tray for little guys feet when he is little, but it slides back when he gets bigger so he can actually push it along with his feet

-It has a nice long handle so mom or dad can push….and the handle also adjusts to that little ones can push too!

-It plays music, has a turning signal noise, and a horn that honks.

-One side is a hinged door for easy entry and exit.

You can order one here.  No, I am not being compensated for talking about Little Red Car today….I just love it that much!




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