Election Day Traditions

Tuesday , 6, November 2012 Leave a comment

It is Election Day!  As a poli sci minor, I get pretty nerdy excited about election day.  I have never been one to vote early because you don’t get to wear your ‘I voted’ sticker with pride to the grocery store or the bank.  So, tomorrow I will head to the polls.  The main difference this year, is that I will be taking my 1 year old with me.  Some of you might be thinking that I should just drop him off with the neighbor, or go vote after my husband gets home from work, but I actually WANT to take him with me.  WE are going to go vote.  Yes, for now, it is only ME that gets to push the buttons, but eventually, HE will get to cast a vote also.  I want him to be used to making the trek to the polls each year.  Weather it is with me or my husband, Eli will ‘go vote’ each year.  I can honestly say that I don’t care WHO he decides to vote for (does anyone really live up to their promises anyway?) I just want him to participate in the process.  And just because I feel the need to document all of the momentous occasions, like election day, we will take a picture each year too!  Check our Facebook page later today for our first election day photo!–Feel free to post YOUR election day photos on our FB wall!


Are you heading to the polls today?


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