Easy, Educational Easter Eggs

Thursday , 28, March 2013 4 Comments

I knew when I saw this project featured in Family Fun magazine that I had to do it this Easter!  I love that it is a super easy and educational way to use up all those Easter eggs that always seem to multiply at our house.  I’ve already made one batch to send with my son to pre-k for their Easter egg hunt, so here’s how you do it:

  1. Grab your eggs and a Sharpie!
  2. With your Sharpie write common word endings, such as “op”, “ar”, “at” etc.  on one half of the egg.  On the other half write different consonants.  When you rotate the egg you can spell different words!
  3. Fill the eggs with goodies!  Candy, of course, and puzzle pieces are some of our favorites.

Pinterest is full of ideas for adding your own touch to Easter eggs.  Some of my favorites are using your eggs to make compound words, to add and subtract and to play matching games.  What are your favorite crafts to put all those Easter eggs to good use?

Happy Easter!

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  • Kat says:

    Oh, I like this idea!!

  • Wendy says:

    Great tool for emerging readers!

  • Emily says:

    Great idea-I will use it with my younger students.

  • Wendy says:

    Awesome Emily!

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