Easter Traditions

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Since Easter is this weekend, I thought I”d share some of my family”s Easter Traditions.

Of course, when the children were little, we always had Easter egg hunts! The plastic eggs were filled with candy, coins, dollars as they got older, and sometimes IOU”s for small gifts. We often had two or three different “hunts.” After the children found most of the eggs, they begged us to hide them again!



















Since the resurrection of Jesus is the real reason for celebrating Easter, we incorporate a Christian focus into our activities. Going to church together on Easter Sunday is one of the highlights of Easter. The children (and sometimes my husband and I) wear new Easter outfits to church and lunch afterward.

You know your traditions are well-established when your children, nieces, nephews, and friends let you know they want to do them! Even though our kids are grown, we still dye eggs, bake cookies AND have visits from the Easter Bunny! When we bake Easter cookies, in addition to the bunnies and chicks, we bake cookies in the shape of crosses. We also make extra cookies to share with neighbors, elderly friends, nursing homes, etc.

Cookie baking is accompanied by Easter music and dancing around the kitchen, too! “If You”re “Hoppy” and You Know It” is one of our favorite songs! Here are  sponsored download links for our favorite fun Easter Sing-Along songs, as well as  two songs about Jesus” Resurrection. From The 3rd Day On and Sunday”s On The Way.

When my children were in elementary school, I made “Empty Tomb” merengue cookies for school and Sunday School classes and scout troops. There are also a number of recipes on Pinterest for “Empty Tomb” Crescent best-horoscope.com are inventive. Rolls. You might enjoy trying these recipes. They”re easy.

We have also enjoyed opening  Resurrection Eggs as we are gathered around the table. Each egg has a symbol inside that helps illustrate the story of Jesus” crucifixion and resurrection. (Sponsored link) Here is a Pinterest link for making your own set of eggs to commemorate the real best online casino reason for Easter!

Below are three photos of our making “Enchanted” Panoramic Sugar Eggs, which were featured in my favorite childhood book “Then Enchanted Egg.” We take yearly family photos to commemorate every occasion and document how much we all change. (NOTE: If you don”t already do this, make it a habit to take regular photos of your family, especially on holidays and special occasions. If possible, use the same backdrop or props each year. The photographic memories you accumulate will be priceless! The photo below, from two years ago, with my mother on the far left next to me, is all the more precious since Mama died recently.)

Family & Friends Gathered to Make Sugar Eggs

Baking and Making!

Baking and Making Sugar Eggs

Enchanted Egg with Illustration from the Enchanted Egg Book as Background.

For more about the Enchanted Egg book, here is a post from my Dancing on the Journey Blog showing us making “Enchanted Eggs” from sugar and egg whites. Be sure to click the link in the post to see additional photos. There is also a link to directions for making the eggs.

I”d love to hear about your favorite Easter traditions. Please comment below!



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