DIY: Photo blocks!

Tuesday , 10, January 2012 1 Comment

A friend of mine sent me home with some wood blocks after an afternoon of modpodging Christmas gifts.  That was all I really needed for this stroke of inspiration! Mod Podge and a wooden block!

I started by sanding the blocks down a bit and spray painting them black (sorry for the lack of photos here…it occured to me later that this might be a good project to post!) – although you could do whatever color you want!  Most of the color will be covered by photos.

Then I picked out the pictures I wanted to use and started making copies of them with my copy/scan machine (you really probably want to use copies of your photos for this).  Then I cut out the photos.  To make sure I had correct sizes I flipped my sheet of paper over and traced the size of the block onto the back of the photo.  When I cut them out I cut a little inside the lines so the photo would fit nicely on the block.

Next you start Mod Podging!  I did one side at a time,  painted on the mod podge with a foam brush, laid the photo down as flat as I could,  and smoothed it out with something straight.  Repeat for all photos.

Once all the photos were on and the first layer was dry I painted Mod Podge over the entire block.  Then I realized I was stuck holding it until the one of the sides was dry enough to put it down (so you may want to consider having a blow dryer plugged in and ready to help speed up the process).  Once this is finished you can cover the entire block with a sealant of your choice.

**Note about photo placement!  If you want to put photos on top and bottom you’ll have to plan how to place your photos.  On the sides you will have two facing one direction and two facing the other.  Two will always look upside down this way, but you can flip the block over and have a whole new look!

Side one

Side two

Placing photos






Sorry to miss this for the Christmas holidays!  But now you have all year to experiment in time for the next holiday! I have plans for these!  My mantle, valentines day, grandparents birthdays…so many possibilities!  Enjoy!

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