DIY Owl Halloween Costume

Monday , 29, October 2012 1 Comment

First–Take a look at this adorable Owl costume!  Lisa and her mom did a great job!  Here is Lisa’s explanation of how they did it.


My mom and I made Natalie’s costume. I got the idea from Pinterest. The owl costume consists of a cape of feathers and a hat. Everything is made of felt. I bought the felt at JoAnn’s along with some buttons for the eyes. The cape is 4 colors – cream, tan, light pink and fuscia. I bought the precut pieces that are the size of construction paper of each color plus dark brown for the eyes and 2 yards off the bolt of the cream. 2 yards was way too much. I probably could have bought half a yard but I didn’t know and didn’t want to have to go back.

To make the cape we laid Natalie on the ground and held her arms out in a T shape. We measured the length between her hands and then marked that onto the cream felt. Then I measured from her neck to just below her tush. I folded the felt in half and made 1/4 of an oval using half the measurement between her hands and the length measurement. I just sketched in a circle shape, cut and unfolded so it would make half an oval or semi-circle. Then i cut a smaller semi circle for the neck.

We made a feather pattern (kind of like the shape of a leaf) and cut tons of feathers. Then I pinned each row onto the cream cape and my mom sewed each row, then I pinned and she sewed etc until all rows were done. Then she sewed ribbon to complete the cape.

Next was the hat. I free handed the shape so that it was a hat with ears, cut a 2nd one out – both in cream felt. Then I cut out an opening for Natalie’s face. This took 2 attempts before we got one that would fit her. I cut out eyes, eyelashes, a beak and a flower. My mom sewed them all on and we added some more ribbon.

Voila – an owl. The main mistake was I should have pinned all the feathers so they point down when she is wearing the cape. I took the baby to her 1st Halloween party and she had so much fun she didn’t pull the hat or cape off for 2 hours. Cost of project was $10. It was fairly easy but the mom on Pinterest said it took a couple hours. It took me a couple hours on a couple different days 🙂 All in all, I like how it turned out and would do it again.


Thanks Lisa!  Check back later today for more local mamma DIY costumes!

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  • Rachel says:

    Having seen this costume in person this morning, I can vouch for how cute it is! Thanks for sharing it with us, Lisa!

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