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Sunday , 25, March 2012 1 Comment

I needed a gift for a friend (blog partner) that is moving away.  I know this friend appreciates a good DIY project and I had been wanting to try out a DIY memory board.  Considering that this friend is moving all the way across the country, I thought a memory board would be an appropriate gift.  I’ll have to print her some pictures to put on the board so she won’t forget me when she moves 🙂


Bulletin board– Whatever size you like. I picked mine up at Jo-Annes Fabrics.

Fabric– slightly larger than the bulletin board.  I have a bin of fabric scraps and found a piece large enough, in a color and pattern that worked well for this project.



Staple gun

Glue gun

Cut fabric slightly larger than the bulletin board. Wrap excess around to the back of the bulletin board. Staple one edge all the way across, then pull fabric tight and staple opposite edge. When stapling the other two edges, I folded the fabric as if I was wrapping a present to make it look nice and neat. You could also use a glue gun for this step.

The fabric covered bulletin board should look like this.

Place ribbons diagonally across the board, leaving them long enough to wrap around and staple to the back. Repeat this step placing the ribbons diagonally in the other direction, crossing the ribbons and creating a diamond pattern.

Staple ends of ribbon to the back of the board.

Place buttons where ribbons cross and hot glue to the top ribbon. I also glued the top ribbon to the one under it, and then glued the ribbons to the board itself creating places to stick pictures etc.

I have seen these boards used mostly for photos, but they could also be used to organize receipts or bills, or to display children’s artwork.

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    So cute & super easy too!

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