DIY: Felt Puppets part 1

Saturday , 13, August 2011 2 Comments

Walking through Hobby Lobby sometimes I find myself grabbing their free project inspiration sheets.  Having several projects “in progress” is something my friend Crystal (also a Leo) tells me is a Leo trait – though by no means exclusive to Leos I imagine.

I like the idea of just playing puppets with paper bags, but I also like the idea of something reusable and, also, very cute! We love animals at my house, so this project inspiration sheet on felt puppets was perfect for me!  I’ve been plugging away at these in all my “free time”.  The “directions” were really more like “guidelines” and I have patterned all these pieces myself.

Note:  If you have young kids, you will be doing this all on your own and they will be enjoying the fruit of your labors.  But young school age children that can trace and cut could help with these puppets

Step 1: Create paper pattern pieces (you can use rulers and round objects to do this or free hand it 🙂 You can see which pieces will be folded in the future.  It takes a little finagling to get them to fit together properly, so do paper first.  You can also email ME at maggie at peachstatemomsblog dot com to get a scan of THESE pieces.  They are child (and mommy) sized but NOT big enough for daddy.

Step 2:  Transfer to felt! Then cut out!

Left to right, top to bottom: Back body piece, front body piece, face piece, mouth piece, ears (for lion or monkey)

 Step 3:  To piece together lay down the back body piece (whichever you decide is that piece).  Lay the front body piece on top of that and fold down the rounded top on the piece to create the “chin”

Then – fold the mouth piece in half and place on top of the folded chin.  Lay the face piece on top on that lining it up with the rounded parts of felt.  From the side your pieces should look like the picture below:

Step 4: Pin together: (ears can also                            Step 5: Sew together using whip stitch
(be sewn on later)                                                                             (or blanket stitch)








(Visit youtube or video jug if you need to learn the stitches – they are simple!)




My daughter was ready to get playing as soon as these were stitched together – so finishing touches will have to wait for another day!

Contact me if you are looking for pattern pieces and have fun!  Happy Crafting!

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  • Jill says:

    Hey is there anyway I could get patterns for these puppets? It would be greatly appreciated!

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