DIY Binky Leashes

Tuesday , 13, March 2012 7 Comments

Eli is a binky kid…and I am ok with that.  The problem is that every time I pick him up, he spits the binky out, and it lands on the dirty floor.  At home, it is not such a big deal, but out and about, it is more of a problem.  I looked at Babies R Us and Target for ‘binky leashes’ but either didn’t like the selection, or didn’t like the price.  I knew I could make something much cheaper and at least as cute on my own.  Here is what I came up with:

What you need:

Ribbon–make sure the ribbon is not thicker than the loop on the end of the clip.


Thread and needle, or sewing machine

Clips—the ones I got are called suspender clips. I got them at JoAnnes Fabrics.

Cut the ribbon your desired length. I used 8 inches which ended up being pretty long. I will use 5 inches when I make these in the future.

Slide the ribbon through the loop on the clip and fold under itself. This way you won't have any raw edges exposed.

Sew back and forth at least 2 times to make sure the stitches don't unravel. (This was my first project with my new sewing machine! Yay!)

Attach binky to one end and the other end to the child's clothing.


I like the way these turned out.  Like I said, I would use a shorter piece of ribbon next time.  I will also be on the look out for smaller clips.  These were labeled as 1″ and they are definitely more than big enough.

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  • Maggie says:

    What? You have a new sewing machine? 🙂 If my kid took a binky I might be doing this! I’m thinking I need to do the baby legs next…

  • Julie says:

    Very cute! We just recently started using a binky leash for B but he doesn’t really care for them & would rather tear it off his shirt and throw it across the room. I, however, get tired of looking for binkies all day long!

  • Chan says:

    Great idea! Cute and easy DIY!

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