Did I Marry My Dad?

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Did I Marry My Dad?

No, I don’t mean that question in a literal way. That would be weird…and gross. Eww. But I do wonder sometimes as I look at my husband and see so many attributes of my father in his words and actions. I will freely admit I’m a daddy’s girl. I love my mama, of course, but the teenage years were hard and our relationship had its rocky moments. My dad was always steadfast as a rock through it all though and even when he supported my mom’s side during many an angsty teen moment, I never held that against him, since he was doing what any good husband and father would do: support their spouse. As Father’s Day approaches and the media and Hallmark marketing reminds us to honor our fathers for all the ordinary and the super things they do (seriously, the Sear’s “Not a Superhero” ad made me cry like a baby), I find myself looking at my husband and realizing that maybe marrying a man like my father isn’t a bad thing.

My father is a man with such a strong work ethic that some (i.e. my mother) would call him a workaholic. Even when he was laid off in the 2009 layoffs after 36 years with the same company and only a few short years from retirement, he didn’t take that as an excuse to start playing golf or fishing. Instead he ran for a local government position and won, took on not one but two other part-time jobs, and started a neighborhood watch organization.  My father had three girls and one of the best things about him as a dad was his openness and willingness to talk to us about anything and everything, from periods to car mechanics. He was never embarrassed to go to the store and pick up tampons for his girls and that willingness made us so comfortable talking to him about just about everything. He was always active in our school and after-school activities, teaching welding to my Girl Scout troop, taking my sisters and I to our soccer games or riding lessons, and donating materials for school campaigns. And he worked so hard so that he could send all of his girls to good schools and didn’t act too disappointed when his youngest picked a school that didn’t even have a football team, which I know was pretty hard on him.

I think what drew me to my husband was seeing the same hard-working, caring and open nature in him that I saw in my father growing up. And every time I see my husband put his family first over all else, I know that I have married a man my father can be proud of too. So tell me, what are your favorite attributes of your father? Do you see those same attributes in your husband? Are you guilty of marrying a man like your father too?

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