Desperate Housework

Tuesday , 18, September 2012 8 Comments
My living room. It”s this clean about once a week.

Ah, housework.

Before I go on whining about my first world problems, please let me make it clear that I LOVE being able to stay home. I still don”t know if it”s something I want to do in the future, it is what works for our family right now. I also love having a clean house, and like Rachel, I only have a couple of dreaded mommy chores. They are ironing and cleaning the litter box, by the way.

A couple of months ago I finally broke down and purchased a Motivated Moms Planner. My old system just wasn”t working for us anymore. I love that it tells you what to do each day of the week, as well as things that should be done every day. Most of the time, I”m doing well to get the “every day” chores done-a load of laundry, cleaning the kitchen, having the kids pick up the tornado toys com kan uansett trygt anbefale VeraJohn som et kasino du bor sjekke ut. & books they casino online pull out each day. However, my problem with housework lately is that I can”t seem to find a consistent time to dedicate to cleaning! The most optimal time in my day is the hour after the bus picks up Big Sister, however, who wants to do housework at 7:15 in the morning? Ick, not me!

Lately I have been saving all of the “big” stuff for Sundays. Because of my husband”s work schedule, this is his Friday, so it makes sense to have everything put back in its place before we”re all home the rest of the week. (Hubby works a weird schedule and is home most weekday mornings) But with fall weather finally peeking around the corner, I”d rather spend that time outside with the kids. (Or at church-we”re working on it!)

I know myself enough to know that this is a rut and that I”ll figure it out in a couple of weeks. I need to just bite the bullet and tackle chores first thing in the morning. Unfortunately housework is one of those tasks that never ends!

What about you? Do you ever get in a housework rut? Do you follow a specific schedule, or just wing it?



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  • Rachel says:

    I am with you! This week, one of my goals was to resume some sort of order around here. I do have my weekly cleaning schedule, but sometimes that is ALL that gets done. There is so much on my list that needs to be addressed, at least once in a while! I think I need to do the chores first thing in the morning also. It would set a nice tone for the day to have something accomplished early. We’ll see!

    • Julie says:

      I read a housekeeping book (yes…I’m admitting that) and the author wrote, “Let’s just be honest and say that the nitty gritty stuff like cleaning all your baseboards is only going to happen about twice a year.” I’m paraphrasing but it made me feel like I wasn’t the only one!

  • Becca says:

    If by ‘rut’ you mean, not doing it, then yes, I am there! Between working 4-10 hour days a week and then having the younger two kids at home on Fridays (pretty much the only day I can clean), it’s not as clean as I’d like. In an ideal world, I’d have a daily cleaning schedule in which every member of the family helps, without complaint, that wouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. I can dream…

    • Julie says:

      Every member of the family helps here….about once a month! I try to have the kids pick up here and there during the day but having a designated time at the end of the day never sticks.

  • Kim says:

    I used to do the Motivated Mom check list too and I loved it! Not sure when I got lazy and stopped (I think around the time I got pregnant) but I usually did everything first thing in the morning just to get it out of the way and it didn’t take too long. Now my house is usually just a mess. I should get back on the checklist. My dreaded housework is cleaning the floors. With 3 cats and a huge dog I could probably vacuum everyday (I don’t!) and it still wouldn’t be clean. However, I’m happy to report that the only one in this house who irons is my husband and he also cleans the litter box (thank you pregnancy on that last one!)

    • Julie says:

      My husband does the ironing about every other week…and I graciously thank him! I hate it, especially if it piles up. Bleh!

  • Denise says:

    I hate cleaning the showers. So therefore sometimes I think “am I even getting clean in here anymore?” lol so maybe an exaggeration but you get my point! I always say that if it doesn’t get done in the 3 hours after I wake up then it doesn’t get done at all (including a shower) that day.

    • Julie says:

      You know what, I hate cleaning the shower too! It’s about a once a month fumigation! (If that) LOL! We used to have one of those lysol automatic sprayer things, I may have to look back into that so it will do my dirty work for me 🙂