Daylight Savings is killing me!

Friday , 16, March 2012 2 Comments

Sunday:  I think I’m going to fool myself into thinking I’ve slept in until 8am.  Unfortunately my son is up three times that night, so all the joy drains out of that idea. Kids go to bed at 9pm (their regular bedtime was 8)

Monday and Tuesday:  They get up sometime between 7 and 8.  I’ll take it!  On Tuesday night there is a massive power outage and my husband humors me and brings everyone to our room.  Not the best for sleep.  At about 2am the power is back and we return the older child to her room.

Wednesday:  Little guy wakes up at wakko hours and I attempt to snuggle to get us back to bed.  I spend a fruitless hour at it before I give up.  My daughter sleeps until 8am.  It is AWESOME.  We wake up, have breakfast and leave for school at 8:45.  I don’t think anyone should ever have to be anywhere before 9am.  Kids go down at 8pm (the regular bedtime remember?)

Thursday:  Little prince wakes up at 5:45.  Seriously kid?  Five days ago this was 4:45.  That is kicking my butt.  Now at 7:00 am he is back to sleep.  And Princess, who is back on her regular schedule of 8pm-7am (give or take) is awake.

Don’t even get me started on fall back.  Having your kids get up at 6am when they normally get up at 7 (give or take 30 min)?  Ugh.

I think I’d rather not have the change.  You?

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  • Rachel says:

    This is my first time change with a kiddo. Eli still wakes up a time or two at night so it didn’t really make a big difference this time, but I am SO not looking forward to ‘falling back’. Getting up an hour earlier does not sound like fun to me!

  • Maggie says:

    Yes, it’s not! Oh well. He’ll go to bed earlier or something like that. Now only YOU have to go to bed earlier!

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