Date Night: Dreams Vs. Reality

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Do you have a regular date night with your special someone?  Or is it more typical to go months without one?  When you do get out, what does your typical date night look like? A few of the CFF contributors answer those questions.


My ideal date night involves child are for my littles, a nice dinner, and maybe a movie, with a bit of time after for dessert and conversation after.

Allie Date Night

My last date night was on my birthday a few weeks ago. The hubster and I went to Medieval Times for dinner and a show and stayed overnight at a hotel so we actually got to sleep through the night and into the morning, which hasn’t happened in a long while between the 8 month old’s sleep schedule and the toddler’s wake up times. It was a wonderful, low stress night and much preferable to our previous last date night. The time before this, we had barely left the house on the way to dinner when my inlaws called us saying the Goober evidently had a stomach bug. That date night consisted of a quick stop at Kroger for pedialyte and a evening cuddling a toddler and a bucket.


My ideal date night would be to go a show or a Braves game without the kids.  Our last date night was pretty close to perfect.  I passed Eli off to my Mother in law on Friday afternoon.  I came home and made dinner.  Chicken Parmesan.  Yum!  Since I like to cook I don’t mind doing it for date night.  It is so much more economical (and often more tasty) than eating out anyway.  Then we headed to the Fox for Alton Brown’s live show.  My husband and I are big Alton Brown fans so we were super excited!  The show was very entertaining. We then headed to a hotel in the city for the night.  The next morning, we happened to remember that the Memphis Belle, a B-17 bomber was giving rides at the Dekalb Peachtree airport.  Yes, we are also aviation nerds so this was quite exciting.  We headed over to the airport and found a comfy spot on a bench to airplane and people watch.  The rides were $200+ a person so we didn’t participate but it was fun just to watch it fly.  The only drawback to this awesome date night/weekend is that I was almost 8 months pregnant.  No fun cocktails or late nights for me.

Rachel date night

Tonight we will go on a much more typical date night.  Dinner….A trip to Lowes or Home Depot….Hey, we may even get the car washed.  Call us wild and crazy.  Any night away from the house with just my hubby is sure to be a good one!



Our last date night was for the Temptations concert at the Fayetteville Amphitheater. We “double dated” with another couple and had supper before the concert at Tim’s Country Kitchen Buffet in Bank’s Crossing, Fayetteville. Great concert + great friends + good food = a GREAT date night! We also got to go back stage and meet the Temptations and they were genuinely nice guys!

Jamie Date Night


What did your last date night look like?  Was it anything like the date night of your dreams? What is your favorite local date night spot?

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