Contributor Thoughts About Mother’s Day

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We asked our contributors to answer a few questions about Mother’s Day.  Here are some thoughts from the Moms of Peach State Moms Blog.


My Mom inspires me to…

Jamie:  Mama inspired me to open my home and share hospitality. Mama and Daddy welcomed their friends, and hours, anytime! She always had food and “goodies” available for “company!”

Allie:   My mom inspires me to seek help when needed, be a confident woman and mother, and to strive for and achieve goals that I sometimes think are out of my reach.

Rachel:  My mom inspires me to take care of others.  She is always helping someone out, be it family or friends.  I hope that I can be as selfless as she is throughout my life!

Wendy:  My mom inspires me to be a better mom and wife.  She inspires me to be more patient, kind and loving with my kids.  Watching her interact with them helps remind me to treasure each moment we have together because time is fleeting.  I have learned a lot from her and my dad about how to have a successful marriage and to provide a strong foundation for our family.

As a mom, I aspire to…

Jamie: As a mother, I aspire to share my faith and traditions with my children.

Allie:   As a mom I aspire to raise a healthy and polite child who respects his planet and the people around him and works in some way, no matter how small, to make the world a better place. I aspire to be the best mother I can be and on days I don’t succeed, will try not to beat myself up over my failings but approach each morning as another chance to be better and get it right.

Rachel:  Boy, loaded question.  I aspire to raise children that are confident and happy.  I want to have a healthy relationship with my children for their entire lives.  I aspire to help guide them through life in the best way I know how.

Wendy:  As a mom I aspire to honor my role as mother and wife.  Being a mother is the most important job I will ever have.  To bring a person into the world, to love them, teach them, laugh and cry with them is what I expected while at the same time not at all what I expected.  I am thankful to have a husband who works hard to support and care for his family and supports me as a mother.

My most memorable Mother’s Day was…

Jamie:  I’m sure my most memorable Mother’s Day will be 2013. My son graduates from college the day before Mother’s Day, and my daughter the day after. This year will be bittersweet, since it is also my first Mother’s Day without my own Mother.

Allie:  My most memorable Mother’s Day would have to be last year’s, since this year’s hasn’t happened yet and my son was only born last February. My husband let me sleep in and put the Goober in a “I love mommy” bib. He made me purple “mom” pancakes for breakfast and then we got to go pick a new washer when ours kicked the bucket that afternoon.


Rachel:  My most memorable Mother’s Day was last year.  My parents were visiting and we had Eli dedicated at church.  Then we came home and had brunch prepared by my husband.  He got me a plant with yellow flowers, since that is my favorite color.  It was a good day!

Wendy:  My most memorable Mother’s Day was my first Mother’s Day.  I checked into the hospital the Friday before Mother’s Day to be induced, but it turns out that my son was not ready to make an appearance any time soon.  After two days in the hospital and when my labor stopped, he finally arrived by c-section at 5:35am on Mother’s Day!

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