Contributor Corner- How do you Celebrate Valentines Day with your Kids?

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The Goober is a bit young yet at only a year old to celebrate Valentine’s Day and I must confess my husband and I don’t go all out for it either. We typically do a night in with a mini bottle of champagne and maybe some chocolate covered strawberries. This year I plan on sending the grandparents a valentine from the Goober, made from foam stickers so that he can help as much as possible. I love foam stickers since they are so resilient to grabby little hands. The valentine below took less than 10 minutes to make and used a kit found on sale at Michaels. Basically I found the picture I wanted to use and laid it out to determine how I should trim it to fit and peeled the backing off and stuck it all together. The Goober had a blast playing with the stickers I wasn’t using. I plan on adding his handprints to the back of the valentine when his daddy is home from work to help.


To celebrate Valentine’s Day with the kids I usually keep it pretty simple. It’s always fun to make a themed craft. The kids enjoy making something they can send to our family who are out of state and to give to Daddy. Not sure which one we’ll do yet, but here are a few ideas that are really cute. I also like to get them a small gift and, of course, a little candy!


Our main Valentine tradition is exchanging Valentines with our family and friends, and enjoying the candies from fancy heart shaped boxes! When my children were small, taking them to the store so they could choose exactly the right box of Valentines to share with their school friends was very exciting for them! We always included a Valentine treat with the cards for their classmates—a sucker, candy hearts, or a small bag of M&M’s. For scout troops and school parties, I usually made Valentine cookies with the recipients’ names written in icing. Kids love things with their names on them! I always served a variety of heart shaped items, like mashed potatoes garnished with cheese hearts, heart shaped sandwiches, or pizza with heart shaped cheese and pepperoni. At home, our decorations include a “Valentine Tree” on the kitchen table and holiday blocks that spell out “Hugs & Kisses.”


While both of my children are still too young to understand holidays and traditions, I have plans for the future of Valentine’s Day in our household. I think our traditions start with what our children will see. My husband and I exchange (at least) cards each year. I think it is important for our children to see us giving to each other on the day we are supposed to exchange words of love. As they get older, I hope they’d partake in giving to those they love, whether it be a homemade card or goodies. I love to cook and bake and think it would be fun for the four of us to make V-day inspired meals or treats on and around the holiday. I’m sure as the time comes, I will find fun Pinterest-inspired activities for them and decide which ones will become traditions. For now, I will just give them lots of smooches, maybe do up some heart-shaped cookies, and let myself and Miss Isla eat way too many of them.


Last Valentine’s day, Eli donned the obligatory ‘My first Valentine’s Day’ bib.  This year, I’m thinking we’ll start with pink (almond) milk and work our way up to heart shaped cookies.  I know he’s a boy, I can’t help that Valentine’s day is a hearts and pink holiday!  In the future I will also include a small gift, but this year, since he won’t know the difference, we’ll save the cash for another use!


How do YOU celebrate Valentines day with your Kiddos?

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