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What do you want to hear about, what do you want to see more of on Coweta Fayette Families?  We want to hear from you!

Our current focus is on  Coweta and Fayette counties (with occasional stints into the Atlanta area!).  We welcome input from people in other counties as well.  Interested in guest blogging on Peach State Moms?  This is also the perfect starting place for you!

You can send us an email using the form below…

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  • Kylie says:


    I just recently found your blog, and I’m loving it! I’m not from Georgia, but your posts about pregnancy and mothering really hit home for me. Thanks for sharing great advice and providing support to mothers everywhere.

    I am a representative of Prolacta Bioscience, which makes the only human-milk based fortifier for micro preemies. Breast milk in preemies is associated with a lower risk of NEC and better development. I hoped you might be interested in sharing with your readers a way that they can help premature babies by donating their excess breast milk. Can I send you some information about this?

    As a mom of a full-term infant who spent time in the NICU (thankfully he is fine now!), I can definitely sympathize with the situation of preemie moms. It is so important that parents and caregivers have access to as much information as possible in these difficult situations. I hope we can work together to make that happen!

    Thanks again!

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