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I posted earlier this week that I planned to take some clothes into Red Door Consignment Shop in Tyrone and that I would report back on how it went.  Well, I had intended on reviewing the consignment shop, but what happened made me realize that I was unprepared upon walking in the door, and maybe other folks that would like to consign could learn from my mistakes.  For the record, the folks at Red Door Consignment were very nice, I just didn’t have my act together!

Before going to a consignment store it is a good idea to check out their website.  Look to see what season of clothing they are currently accepting.  Also, see if they have any consignment contracts, and if you can print them out and take them with you it might save time.  Some consignment shops require a certain number of items to open an account, might want to check that too. If this information is not listed, I would give them a call before showing up with your bags of clothes.

Because that is what I did…..I showed up with a bag of mixed season clothing, some styles they wouldn’t even accept, and since I only had 6 items of the right season, and 10 are required to open an account, I came home with my whole bag of clothes and now have the task of either finding more that I want to get rid of, or finding a place to store the bag of clothes until I am ready to take them back.  Whew.

Clearly I am new at the whole consigning thing.  I have been to a few shops in the area just to shop.  In fact, most of my maternity wardrobe came from consignment shops.  I hope to become a well seasoned consignor in the future 🙂

Do you regularly shop or consign at any of the local shops?  What consignment shops do you recommend?


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