Clueless on Mother’s Day!

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Last week Rachel mentioned that she had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Rachel’s husband did a great job making her feel appreciated! Yes, that is what our husbands should do; make us feel appreciated on the one day a year that usually means the most to us, since becoming a mother.

My husband struggles with this every year. My husband has never been a great gift giver, but I make sure that I always mention just how important Mother’s Day is to me. I won’t go into previous years since my daughter was born (it has been 3 years) but I will mention the gift I got this year! OK, well my hubby thought that planning for Mother’s Day the night before was a good idea. I knew that planning the night before really meant that it was a rushed deal. In the morning I was told that we were going somewhere and it was a surprise!!! My hubby said it is “family fun” day! So after almost two hours in a car (including bathroom stops) we get to great old Cleveland, Georgia!!!! Ah, Cleveland, the home of the Baby Land General Hospital.

For those who are not familiar with Baby Land General Hospital, it is basically an overpriced gift shop filled with cabbage patch dolls. I found Baby Land a bit disturbing and well just plain awful. Plus my daughter has no interest in dolls, especially cabbage patch. We spent 10 minutes in the gift shop, bought an $8.00 toy cat and left for a two hour ride home.

There was no “family fun” in this outing and come on Baby Land for Mother’s Day! Is my husband that clueless? My hubby did manage to get a nice card, but did not pick out one for my daughter to give to me, which I do every year for Father’s Day. Oh, I must mention also that every Father’s Day I put a whole lot of effort into his gift.

A friend mentioned that I must tell my husband exactly what I want for Mother’s Day, because men just have no clue. Honestly, I cannot agree with that statement. This was my worst Mother’s Day so far…yikes!!!

What about your hubby, does he always do well on Mother’s Day or are you frustrated like me? I would love to hear stories about awful gifts, if you have any! It might make me feel better! 🙂


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