Cloth Diaper Review

Monday , 13, August 2012 6 Comments

My cloth diaper baby!

I have been using cloth diapers for Eli since he was about a month old.  I started with a great set of prefolds and covers that were given to me by a family friend.  I used those until Eli outgrew them and had to contemplate my next move.  Somewhere along the line, Julie gave me a couple FuzziBunz that her son had outgrown and I knew that my next step would probably be pocket diapers.  I cruised craigslist and found a great set of pocket diapers–20 Sunbaby diapers and 1 Bum Genius.  I have been using the pocket diapers for about 4 months now.  I LOVE the ease of pocket diapers, but the purpose of this post is to compare the 3 brands I have experience with–Bum Genius, FuzziBunz, and Sunbaby–because not all pocket diapers are created equal.

This first picture shows each cover with corresponding liner underneath.  On the surface, they all look very much alike, but after a few months of use, there are definite differences.



What I like

-These diapers are very sturdy.

-The liner and diaper dry very quickly.

-The liner is thin, making it less bulky than the other diapers.

-The tabs are stretchy making it easy to get a snug fit around the waist

-The rise can be adjusted to fit smaller babies.

What I don’t like

-No way to cinch the leg opening

-Liner is short, and while it is thin, it is also less absorbent, making it less effective overnight

-Price–new, bumGenius sell for $15-$25/each



What I like-

-There is an elastic band and button that is used to cinch the leg opening

– Easiest to snap

-Have held up nicely even having been used on one child before Eli

What I don’t like-

-The way the snaps line up doesn’t work well for Eli.

-There is no way to adjust the ‘rise’

-Price- new, FuziBunz cost $12-$15/each




What I like-

-Lining inside is very soft

-Liner is thick and absorbent

-Rise can be adjusted

-Leg opening can be cinched to 2 different settings with snaps

-Price- new, Sunbabies cost $5/each

What I don’t like-

-Thicker liner = poofy diapers = larger clothes needed to fit over diaper



The Sunbaby diapers are my favorite not just because of the price, but because they fit Eli the best.  I was concerned that the lower pricetag would equal lower quality, but that is not the case.  My sunbaby diapers are holding up as well as the bumGenius and FuzziBunz.  The Fuzzibunz don’t fit as well, but it could be that Eli is just the wrong size/proportion at this point.  The bumGenius fit almost as well as the Sunbaby diapers, but don’t have the adjustable leg, and cost 3-4x as much. (unless you buy them used)


What do you think, fellow CD’ing Mammas?  Do you use one of these brands, or a different one?  What do you think of the kind that you use?  Also, if you are thinking about CDing, feel free to ask any questions!  I will answer honestly, based on my experience so far!

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  • Paige says:

    I have used all of these, plus Alva, and KaWaii. I have liked them all. I like the Alva, and sunbaby more because the price is right.

  • Kim says:

    With your sunbaby diapers, did you get the bamboo, microfiber or blend inserts? And do you know what the difference is in these choices?

    • Rachel says:

      Mine are the microfiber inserts. I honestly don’t know the difference. I just got the microfiber because that is what came with the set I found on craigslist. I like them just fine though. Plenty absorbent. I just use two inserts for overnight and it works great. I am curious about the bamboo now though, hmmm…

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  • Zoa Barker says:

    I loved reading your review- I recently started using cloth and I feel the same way. I had so many friends tell me not to bother trying the inexpensive diapers, saying “you get what you pay for”. I was told to only invest in bumgenius and fuzzibunz. I took their advice (at first) and almost gave up using cloth because every time I put the fuzzibunz on my son they leaked! I couldn’t understand what was so wonderful about it and I was scared to leave my house because it was always a disaster. Another friend of mine invited me to buy some Sunbaby in a co-op. I was scared to and only ordered a couple after she insisted I try them. Now they are all I use! They work great and I am so glad I didn’t give up cloth diapering!

    Different brands work great for different people- I encourage anyone who is new to cloth not to discriminate, but to keep trying until they find one that works- no matter what the brand or cost!

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