Low Cost Playroom Makeover

Tuesday , 21, August 2012 Comments Off on Low Cost Playroom Makeover
Playroom before

What a terrible mess!


A couple of weeks ago, I emailed Rachel to ask her if I could use the “Mommy SOS” series because the kids playroom needed some SERIOUS help.* It’s one of my dreaded mommy chores. As you can see in the picture above, it had taken a beating over the summer. And it wasn’t much better upstairs. Basically, toys had taken over my house. I needed help.

But then, a wave of OCD motivation swept over me, and I went ahead and tackled the playroom without consulting the probably great advice of you dear readers first.

Here were our problems:

1) Toys everywhere! Toys both upstairs and downstairs, in each kids room, under the couch…you name it. And I felt so overwhelmed that I knew cleaning it up would overwhelm the kids. Which leads me to my next problem..

2)I wasn’t making good use of the containers I had-and believe me, I have a lot. But what worked a year ago wasn’t working now-Little Brother could play with smaller toys and he’s FINALLY stopped putting things in his mouth (for the most part).  I also didn’t have a good system that made it easy for the kids to help, to know that everything has a place…even if that place is dumped in a big plastic tub. (Seriously. Those things are SO worth the $6.)

So, here’s what I did:

First, I took every single toy that was upstairs and lugged them downstairs. Then I separated like with like. I had 3 of the aforementioned Big Plastic Lifesavers Tubs, so each kid got one to go in their room, and that is for stuffed animals only.

Side note: Before I had kids, and when Big Sister was a baby, stuffed animals were #1 on the list of toys I hate. But both my kids adore their “buddies,” and many an hour have been spent pretending with the buddies in tow.  The Big Plastic Tubs hold lots of stuffed animals easily and it doesn’t get much better, clean up wise, than throwing them across the room into the tub. I took the “sometimes but not always” played with toys and put them in Big Plastic Tub #3, and hid it in a closet, and those toys may or may not be rotated with other toys in a few months. My son has about 8 big tonka trunks, but he doesn’t need that many out at one time. I moved my daughter’s games & puzzles downstairs, too.

Last but not least, I’ve tried to stay in the habit of CLEANING UP AFTER OURSELVES! It takes about 8 minutes at the most to put everything back where it goes. And the finished product looks something like this…


This makeover occured about 2 weeks ago and clean up is still going smoothly. I don’t always make the kids clean up every night, but at least every other night, and it takes no time at all. The makeover only cost $6 because I made use of what I had. (The $6 being the 2 new plastic tubs-they were on clearance at Target.

Have you given any room in your house an organizational makeover lately?


*In my defense, I don’t ALWAYS let the playroom get this messy. But I knew this project was coming up so I basically let the kids have free reign for a few days.

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